Breast Cancer Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Campaign Created by: Ronald Smith

The funds from this campaign will be received by Antoinette Joseph.

Goal: USD $5,439
Raised: USD $ 479

Breast Cancer Rears Its Ugly Head Yet Again

Seven years ago, my wife (Toni Joseph) underwent surgery for a partial lumpectomy associated with breast cancer.  Earlier this year, specifically April 26, she underwent a second surgery as the cancer had returned.  She was really lucky, though, as the size of this cancer was only 7 cm; the surgeon professed to have gotten all of it. Of course, this will be followed with some type of radiation or chemotherapy, yet to be determined.

The unfortunate thing is that our insurance did not cover all the expenses related to the surgery.  Today, she received notification from Advent Health (Florida Hospital) –copy below -- that there is an outstanding balance of $5,439.52, the amount not covered by insurance. 

She is a typical baby boomer retiree living on a fixed income of her pension and monthly Social Security checks.  With inflation where it is – and expected to get worse – we just don’t have the resources to cover this added, unknown expense.  We do not like to ask for help, especially for money, but we find that we are in a predicament and need help to cover this expense.  Any and all amounts will be helpful and so appreciated.

Thank you.

Ronald Smith


4000 hour Youtube Drive
January 25, 2023
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  • No one here owes me anything.  I know that.  I also know that most of us (me included) hate Youtube.  
    That said I need to get 4000 hours banked up so if you could just click this and ignore it for an hour that would be awesome.
    Better than asking for money from people as needy as we are so this is my latest idea and at this point with my wife's bills this is about my last option.
    -- 4000 hour drive--

Christmas Drive Update
December 9, 2022
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Merry Christmas Everyone..
This is a wonderful time of year where friends and family come together and share blessings.  Because this is a time of community and sharing  I would like to ask for you to consider helping me help my wife.  I would love to give give my wife a "Paid in Full" Christmas card for the breast cancer bill that is the dark cloud hanging over her shoulders.  She pays all she can every month but it will take years for her to pay it in full.
We know that stress just hinders recovery and I'm trying to help take some of that stress away.
I'm asking if you could see your way clear to share your Christmas with her.  Would you please consider helping me by putting her journey to recovery on your shopping list this year and donate toward my goal for her?
 Thank you and God bless you and Merry Christmas.


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