Freedom convoy protests have been a recurring theme for me. I was at the freedom convoy protests for 3 weekends, one of the most peaceful and loving protests I have ever been to. 

It was -20, but the warm love that Canadians showed to each other made it feel like a chilly day in the fall. Canadians of all regions, races, cultures, and ethnicities were there, and so was Tommey. 


Tommey spent every weekend in Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy protest. I never met him in person because of the sheer amount of people, it was nearly impossible to find someone even if you were looking for them. However, he didn’t make it to the last weekend of the Freedom Convoy protest when Trudeau invoked the emergency act and trampled on the fundamental human rights and freedoms of Canadians. Tommey was arrested the weekend before.

Tommey and his vehicle were close to the stage and those who ventured there would have met him. Those who met him described him as a happy, joyful and loving person. Tommey was a trucker who lost his livelihood because of the various vaccine mandates implemented by Federal and Provincial governments, so it was no surprise he exercised his constitutional right to protest. 


While at the stage, there was a disagreement between Tommey and the speaker on the stage, which resulted in someone calling in the police, who proceeded to brutally arrest Tommey, resulting in him receiving multiple injuries. For weeks, Tommey’s whereabouts were unknown and he went unrepresented as he faced a Judge. 

Freedom Convoy protesters and concerned Canadians assisted me in finding and reaching out to Tommey, where we found that Tommey was denied both Cash Bail and Surety Surety for Bail. 

Attorneys were later appointed by the court and we have subsequently contacted them. As a result, we are preparing to retrieve his vehicle which was impounded by the police, who also threatened to sell the vehicle. 


Knia Singh, a local Lawyer in Toronto has expressed interest in Tommey’s case and has since spoken to Tommey and his court-appointed lawyer. Our goal is for Knia to be the lead on this case or to work in conjunction with the existing lawyers. However, to be effective, we have to raise around $11,000.00 to ensure that:

  1. Tommey’s car is released and safely stored away
  1. Tommey gets bail and has somewhere to stay temporarily
  1. Tommey receives the best representation possible in the case brought against him by the prosecution 
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