My dearest cousins, Joshua & Sheera Cook (along with their three children) live in Cape Coral close to the Gulf, right where Hurricane Ian made landfall. They fortunately were able to evacuate but many were not. With very little warning, conditions worsening and gas stations running out of gas- many families and friends remained and hunkered down. The massive storm came in and surged the coastal towns of Southwest Florida without mercy. The level of destruction is unfathomable. Their homes are destroyed and many are missing their loved ones still in this hour. The death toll is in the hundreds thus far and for the next 72 hours emergency services will be doing a search and rescue. Although the state of Florida will be providing financial relief, and insurance will eventually provide relief for rebuilds- the helplessness of losing everything and the immediate need of relief is undeniable. I am doing this fundraiser so that we can provide IMMEDIATE relief to those in SW Florida who need it, including my cousins. Clothing, food, hotels, time off of work, childcare, etc. 100% of funds will be distributed to those in immediate need. JT and Sheera are business owners in Cape Coral (Cook Homes) and very well respected/trusted in the community. I am going to place the funds in their hands to distribute. I thank you in advance for your generosity in both prayer and financial assistance.