Hello, my name is Aaron and all my life, I have wanted to fly, but it has always been out of reach for me financially. After reading a book by Francis Chan called Crazy Love, I was challenged to give up my desire to save money to buy myself a plane and instead, do something for God. The first thing that popped into my mind was attending Moody Bible Institute's Moody Aviation program in Spokane, Washington, about an hour from my home. After doing a bit of research and talking it over with my wife, I decided to start making small steps to make this goal a reality. The program takes five years to complete at full class loads and is 196 credit hours and leads to a Bachelor of Science in Missionary Aviation Technology with airframe and powerplant aircraft maintenance licenses as well as private and commercial pilot's certificates with instrument rating. The first step was attending an open house at the school and then I applied. While waiting to hear back from the school, I filled out forms for financial aid and continued waiting.

I have now been accepted and have started at the end of January 2023. I did not receive any Federal financial aid and none of my prior college classes transferred over due to them all being over 15 years old, but I was given a grant from the school to help cover costs. For this to work out, I am trying to take as many classes online so I can continue working for the first year, but starting in the second year, I will need to attend in person full time and will not be able to continue working. I am looking for people who are willing to give support for me to attend and have started this Give Send Go campaign at $20,000 to help cover the costs of tuition, text books, tools, flight expenses, and loss of income as I will not be able to work much once I am taking classes in Spokane. I want to thank you for your consideration. I know that things are more expensive right now for everyone and I really appreciate anything you can give at this time!