My life and health forever changed on May 9th, 2021. Sadly I didn't listen to my gut and let the pressures of my workplace, as an educator, get in the way of making the choice.

Immediately after receiving it I knew something was wrong, I started having visual disturbances. Later that evening a huge welt to appeared on my back. It was painful I went to the hospital and they could give me no explanation other than it was potentially shingles caused by the you know what. Following day I started having chest pains, palpitations, dizziness and vertigo. This went on for months, as well as having issues with my temperature, tolerating heat, having flares where my cheeks would burn hot as fire and related to be described as ongoing allergic reactions.

These reactions went on until I ended up in an episode of anaphylaxis after which point I then started having tremors, internal tremors and head pressure. 

In and out of the hospital, having repeated fainting spells (loss of consciousness), the pain went to the right side of my face and right eye, and since then I've been progressively losing my vision in my right eye along with being in chronic severe pain in my face and eye 24/7.

At this point I have been diagnosed with POTS. I deal with chronic severe pain in my face and eye every waking moment, as well as vertigo. I'm literally going blind and they have no idea how. It has been totally debilitating and has changed my life course. I've had to change my plans as a young mother as I haven't been able to function. All I would like is to receive proper medical treatment and for no one else to suffer like I have.