Helping Judy fight cancer

Campaign Created by: Nastassia Hans

The funds from this campaign will be received by Nastassia Hans.

Goal: CAD $35,000
Raised: CAD $ 15,345

My mom in late May 2022 was diagnosed with Terminal Metastatic Cancer, effecting her breast, liver, kidneys.

We have just received the news that the infection is spreading. There is now an infection in her lungs. Her delirium is progressing so quickly that she is nonverbal. She doesnt know who we are anymore. 

We know with certainty that this cancer will take her. It isn't a matter of getting her home now.  We may only have a few weeks with her on this plane of existence. 

We need to continue to fundraising to prepare for end of life preparations however, at this time we don't know what those costs will be. This isn't something we were preparing for.

If you love Judy, mother, wife, grandma, as much as we do, please, pray for her. I read her messages of support everyday i am here with her.

Please, i am begging you all, please think of Judy, the laughs you may have shared, the special moments you may have shared.   


Update #1
June 18, 2022
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Mom passed away Wednesday June 15th at 4:41pm. This was roughly 3 weeks after diagnosis.

I want to say that this was sudden but it wasn't. Mum had been fighting this battle alone. She did not share any of this with anyone. Whether it was denial or the fear of what might come, we'll never know. 

Please. Do not ignore these things. Get checked. Keep your loved one's informed of your concerns and don't fight anything alone.


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