On January 19th, 2024, my 3 year-old cat, Jerry, was admitted into the Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital because he had lost a lot of weight and seemed very sick. A few worrisome hours of waiting later, Jerry was diagnosed with Diabetes, and was entering Diabetic Ketoacidosis, where his body was not maintaining a stable level of insulin, causing low glucose levels in his bloodstream. This caused his body to search for different sources of energy, and broke down his fat, resulting in more acidic blood. This also led to a slew of secondary issues, including the development of a fatty liver, urinary tract issues, and electrolyte imbalances in his body. 

Due to the rarity of Diabetes in cats so young, this diagnosis was extremely unexpected. The veterinarian working at the time let me know that the chances for survival were not clear and that it would most likely be an uphill battle for his life. In addition, he made it clear that this would be a costly endeavor. While this blindsided me, I elected that due to Jerry's young age, he'd fight that battle with more vigor than the average-aged cat that's diagnosed with Diabetes. After a few dreadful and dark hours wrestling with the options, I decided that it would be worth what it costs to have faith in his resilience. I had no idea how truly resilient he was.

After a disheartening first 24 hours in the ICU, his condition slowly began to turn around, and Jerry began to gradually show improvement. In the next 24 hours, his secondary complications resulting from the toll of Ketoacidosis on his body were worked on tirelessly, including his fatty liver and the bile found in his bladder. After the initial 48 hours, there was much more hope regarding his situation, as the following treatments were going to be much less intensive than before, and Jerry's condition was stabilizing.

Now that Jerry's treatment is reaching its end, the total ended at 15,000 dollars, which is no easy feat. As I myself am only 23, I find myself in the tough position of only being one year into my first full-time job, which my savings sorely reflect. Luckily, I qualified for a 15000 dollar loan from CareCredit, which is already almost gone. Because Jerry is still in the hospital, there's potential for this cost to rise even further, though at a lower rate than before. This has put quite a financial strain on me, but I know it was worth it for Jerry's life, because Jerry is everything to myself and to those close to us.

I recognize that while the goal is substantial, any amount donated to Jerry is greatly appreciated and will help ease my ability to provide him the ongoing care he needs from here on out. I hope that those of you that understand my connection with my furry family member will empathize with the situation that has unfortunately come upon us.

Thank you just for taking the time to read this, and a special thank you to those willing to donate to me just to help support Jerry's case with loving hearts. You are my heroes.