Gilbert Fonticoba was recently charged by the federal government with six counts ranging from disorderly conduct to parading, demonstrating or picketing in a capitol building for participating in January 6, 2021Capitol demonstration.

So why was Gilbert charged, you may ask? What crimes did he commit? Simply put, he is a single father who cares about the country his children will inherit. But more importantly, he is being targeted by the feds because he is an American patriot and a Proud Boy.

Now Gilbert faces his toughest challenge yet: the federal government and their Marxist-fascists supporters are out to silence him once and for all. He needs your help and support! Instead of prosecuting the Antifa terrorists who destroyed Portland, investigating foreign terrorism or white-collar crimes committed by the Democrat elites and friends of George Soros, Biden’s DOJ is wasting money--really your tax money--going after the all little guys for expressing their right to free speech and dissent. 

Gilbert has been involved in conservative politics since he was a young teenager by knocking on countless doors, getting his fellow conservatives to get out and vote, and by working tirelessly to repel today’s communist threat to his community by always supporting candidates that are fundamentally grounded in our founding principles.

He is a responsible and loving single father dedicated to raising his son and daughter in a free morally-guided country.

Over the last few years, Gilbert has been shunned from by the local business community because of the radical left and their communist agenda. He’s been doxxed and lost his job, but he has never relented for being a patriot or a Proud Boy.

Gilbert has given it all to this righteous cause, his children, and the brotherhood. Now he needs your help! Please contribute to his legal fund.