Dear reader,

As a single dad, this is the last option I ever thought I would have to use. However, I am out of options and face being evicted without a miracle or the help of some guardian angels - my son and I will be on the streets.

My name is Craig McFadden, I am a single father and I'm a concrete truck driver in Moncton, NB. Canada.  I was put off work in November of 2022 due to mental health issues as I was just recently diagnosed with PTSD, on top of my BPD (borderline personality disorder) which makes life tough enough to navigate without PTSD. 

Employment Insurance EI made several mistakes while working on my case and I will not be getting any money for a few more weeks. Frustrating is that what funds I will get won't come in time to avoid a landlady that has told me I have till the weekend to cover my rent or I am evicted (I am on a month-to-month rental as such and can be evicted in 15 days).  

I have asked for welfare emergency help to avoid getting evicted and was told they are backed up until March

I have no other way to secure the money to pay for my rent and other monthly expense in that time frame, I don't have parents who have money, I only have a few friends and who are living paycheck to paycheck so basically, I have no options and face being evicted and homeless. 

I ask if you can give what you can spare so an awesome, funny, bright, kind, and loving kid who still has hope for the planet can have a place to stay when he is with his dad. I wish I never had to do this but my son is more important than my ego or stubbornness and quite frankly, my pride.

I thank you in advance if you are indeed able to help. If any of you would like to speak to me, I'm on Facebook and if you send me a pm I will personally call you and talk to you.

Thank you again, from a very desperate single dad, a hard-working man.

God bless you all and thank you.

Sincerely, Craig Patrick Mcfadden

Dear reader: My name is James Bauder, I am a fellow truck driver and can personally speak for Craig. He is a good man, just hard on his luck, and needs a small boost from the community to help get him and his son back on solid footing. Let's all pitch in, pass the plate so to speak, and help this Dad out.