Shawn and Kris Perdue (aka Santa Shawn and Lunch Lady Kris) have generously fed and served thousands of people in our local area. Now they’ve lost their home and they could use some love and support. We’re asking for your help to raise funds to aid Shawn and Kris and their three boys as they navigate a difficult housing situation. Please consider donating whatever you can, big or small, to this fund. 

In the last couple of weeks, the Perdues have had more heartbreak than one family should have to bear. A little over a week ago, Kris learned that her sister was found dead (cause unknown at this time). Immediately after this tragedy, they were informed that they would be losing their home of 16 years, due to questionable and unethical lending practices.

The ruling made by the court gives Shawn and Kris until April 1st to get their house in sellable condition and sold. If they are not able to sell it for enough, the second mortgage will foreclose on them leaving them responsible for the full amount of their first mortgage with no house to show for it. Many people are suffering from these types of lending practices right now that have come out of the housing crisis of 2007-2008.

While Shawn and Kris are not destitute and are making plans to move into their RV for the foreseeable future, they still have many obstacles to overcome and likely many unexpected expenses.

Many in our community have been blessed by Shawn and Kris through their work at Soundside Community Center, Momentum Church, Christian Motorcycle Association, and God Behind Bars. In their catering business, they also cooked wonderful meals at very generous prices for local schools and churches, including Community Life, Momentum, Liberty, West Navarre Intermediate, Primary, Oriole Beach, Woodlawn, the High Schools, East Bay, First City Church and others. 

If you are able to aid the Perdue family in this very difficult time to help make this transition easier, please consider donating. Not everyone can help sort through belongings or help make repairs, but many can help in this way. Thank you in advance and God bless you all. Your prayers for the Perdues are also greatly appreciated.