The World Needs God, I Received a Clear Vision & Stepping out in Faith to Make this Business Reality

God gives many of us visions, dreams, thoughts, we many times we feel it's too big or not possible BUT I've learned through a strong & consistent Faith, that all things are possible with God! Matthew 19:26 "Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." God clearly spoke to me! I am putting aside all doubt, fear, insecurities & stepping out in Faith for His mission. He will provide and mark my words, with the Holy Spirit within me, I will make it happen. To God be the Glory as I remain a humble servant.

People are hurting and this coffee ministry will help unite people, as it spreads hope, joy, and gets God word in many places. I see this double drive-thru location in every state! Open 24 hours so you get your cup of blessing & prayer, anytime of the day! The world needs God, it needs hope, encouragement, love...You donations will help with the first location here in California and then it will continue to grow to every state. Will you help me to get this started to help many people in communities that are hurting from loss of jobs, homes, family, friends, and more due to Covid-19 and other illnesses and problems. 

Anyone who invests will be blessed 100x their donation. God sees you and knows your heart and will bless your life for helping with His important mission to propel His Kingdom forward in these dark days. We are the light and the light will shine brighter. The wolves in sheep's clothing will be exposed since the light will get brighter and brighter as we unite and focus on the important mission at hand. Again, this is God's business and I have all inventory, online marketing, website, social media, ready to rock and roll. I've been planning this for years and God said enough planning, time to put yourself out there and act in Faith. Be still and listen to my words carefully. God is Love!

Watch this grow quicker than it already has. I ask for your help - just need to add up 1's, 5's, 10's etc in a high volume. I need all the people that care for this country and that love God to come forward and join me. I will be adding every donation into a prayer book and keeping record of everyone that helps, and I will honor you in a special way. I will also document this journey, showing you where we are, what we're doing, how much we have raised, and how many prayers that have been answered.

Remember, you can share your cup on social media with the tags #cupofblessings to show your scripture on your cup or with the tag #prayforme which will show up on anyone's feed/timeline that is following this tag. You will have a community of believers praying for your prayer request. As soon as your prayer is answered, contact us @hebrewscup and we will feature your answered prayer and story! We have so many exciting parts to this sharing, caring, loving business. God Bless you for reading all of this and I look forward to your comments and your support with this important mission. 

Update: As of October 2021, Hebrews Cup has partnered with His Kingdom Come Ministries Inc. for free coffee prayer outreach to homeless communities here in San Diego. Outreach is every other weekend in downtown San Diego. We provide coffee and convos and most importantly, prayer requests. We share their specific prayer requests online with their permission with the hashtag #prayforme. Please follow the hashtag and pray for everyone that shares their requests. Go to our new YouTube channel to see what volunteers and I have been up to. Find out more about our first ministry partner: a 501c3 non-profit ministry. We are excited to donate 10% of all cup sales to ministry partners like His Kingdom Come Ministries to support the homeless population as much as we can. Thank you for your donations and prayers.

Right now we pray for Kyle Rittenhouse and his family, for a hedge of protection around them as they deal with the backlash of people that are unable to handle the truth. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, they will be protected. Our friends at are also rooting for him and are relieved that the jury and judge understood the truth and stood by it. God bless everyone involved and may God continue to bless us all!

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