My wife, Hannah (Stay at home mom of 3) has been battling cancer since February 2020. After recurrence in 2022, she had more surgery, immunotherapy, and 6 weeks of radiation, but it still spread. She decided to try an all natural path as we felt God's leading and she began to see great results. A few weeks in though she had a tooth infection that set her natural pursuits back with antibiotics and high strength pain killers. Over the course of the next 6 weeks, she began declining in health and mobility. We were given a false diagnosis of Epstein-Barr and assumed we were ok. However, Sunday, March 5th, 2023 I told her, "I no longer feel like I can safely take care of you." So, we drove to the hospital. Upon arrival they did a cat scan and MRI and found a brain tumor sitting on top of the brain stem, pushing against her motor nerves. They determined the tumor is not in a position to be surgically removed so they started her on radiation. The 10 treatments of radiation, according to the doctors should at least stop the growth of the tumor and hopefully cause it to shrink a bit. We are praying it shrinks a lot. That leaves us with the burden of figuring out what will kill the rest of the cancer off. After researching different options, we landed on pursuing treatment from Hope4Cancer in Mexico. While we finally feel we have peace about the treatment options, we need the finances to get there as insurance will obviously not cover this. The funds will go to initial and ongoing treatment at the facility as she will be there for 3 weeks as well as treatment that she will bring back home to get through the rest of the treatment cycle. The funds will also go to getting her there and back. Will you help join in the fight to be a part of my wife receiving healing? Please give today so she can get to her first treatment in Mexico on March 20th.