Was founded in November 2017 as a non-profit charity organization in Uganda-East Africa with it’s current Head Office in Jinja District serving in different communities with a mission to help and support children, single mothers, orphans and widows that are in need.


O U R  V I S I O N

Hope Welcomes Children Foundation envisions a society where all children living under the poverty level and those facing different challenges in their families enjoy education sponsorship, medical care support, food and water provision, free clothing with a purpose of transforming their lives by promoting their social, economic, cultural and moral development.


O U R  M I S I O N

Our mission is to extend complete Compassion and Love of Christ through reaching out to children in need, single mothers, widows and orphans who are at the verge of loosing hope by restoring that hope back in their lives through our unconditional support towards them.


O U R  G O A L

To see that every child in need gets at least an Education, Good health and Wellbeing.

To see that Single mothers and Windows live a poverty free life and are treated equally, to see them grow economically, and spiritually to up lift their families.


O U R  V A L U E S





Mission Statement: Hope Welcomes Children Foundation is a child focused organization working towards: extending life's basic needs to the children from poor families living below the poverty level and the disadvantaged children through providing them with a quality education. 

Resources and Contact Information:

Email: hopewelcomes@gmail.com

Tel. +256 759 639 807

P.O. Box 2028 Jinja-Uganda (EastAfrica)

Hope Welcomes Children Foundation Facebook Account

Hope Welcomes Children Foundation Website

My story and role as a US Ambassador to HWCF:

One day I received a message from a very kind man from Uganda through Facebook. His name was Keyza Kiiza Samuel and he asked me if I was interested in engaging in any of the ministries that he was apart of there. I chatted with him for awhile and learned a lot about his foundation he founded originally called the Hope For Children Robinson Foundation. The small foundation puts much of its efforts towards helping mostly children and elderly in many small towns in Uganda. He shared with me much of the struggles that they go through everyday in one of the poorest countries in the world. Children who are without safe drinking water (some have had to drink out of dirty ponds), food, clothes, electricity, school supplies and a proper education due to the fact that the infrastructure is barely there to provide a school. 

          They have been working tirelessly to help the people there in need of basic necessities for survival and many of the things we take for granted everyday. It brought me to tears seeing the touching photos and stories he shared about what they have gone through and how they are working so hard to help people survive and have a better quality of life. Without them and their heroic efforts the people there would suffer even more than they are now. Keyza and I have been in contact frequently on the things they need that they are having trouble affording. Things like concrete so they can repair a damaged building to turn into a school, school supplies/fees so children can get an education, clothes to wear, utilities like electricity and gas, food and water supplies, better health care because they barely have medical supplies or vaccines, vision glasses so they can see and working vehicles to be able to get around without having to walk many miles. 

           Due to the low amount of funding and support they are barely able to make an impact to help these children and others in having a better and more safe life. Even the smallest donation can mean the world to the hard working people of the Foundation and the children it helps. We are so happy to be able to do this for them for it brings hope to those in need in Uganda. The foundation is quite small and has only recently been recognized by the government of Uganda as a certified NGO so I'm using this platform to get donations to Kiiza and his foundation and then sending those funds through a financial service provider called World Remit since its the only one of its kind that I've come across that works in Uganda. Thank you so much for reading this and only if you are able and want to help we would be most grateful.