They come to the Bible study for many reasons. She was an abused or neglected child. She has gone through an unwanted divorce and was left to raise her children alone. Her husband was or is abusive, and now she's dealing with the emotional and physical consequences of that abuse. She had an abortion, and lives with the regret everyday.  She has a special needs child whose struggles are both painful and exhausting to her.  She struggles with addictions, eating disorders, depression, ADHD, autoimmune disorders, or other difficulties. She's lost loved ones through broken relationships or death. She feels like she's failing at living as a Christian, or even with life in general. She simply wants to dig into the scriptures and learn more about her Savior Jesus Christ. Whatever the reasons she came, she just spent 29 weeks going through the Healing Journey Bible study class, and now she has the opportunity to dig even deeper into her healing through a weekend retreat that often times brings the healing breakthrough she's worked toward for the entire class...if only she could afford to go. If you feel God is asking you to bless one of these women, whatever you choose to give will go directly toward helping her attend the retreat. Thank you, and may God bless you for your support.