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Campaign Created by: Allen Coleman

The funds from this campaign will be received by Allen Coleman .

Goal: USD $20,000
Raised: USD $ 7,748

The Convoys in America that started in California in February 2022 and headed to Washington, D.C. clearly showed that everyone wanted their constitutional rights back.

Although some of the Convoys are now over, the movement they started MUST continue and MUST GROW!

That is why Grey Wolf is starting a walk for freedom from his home town in Reno, NV to Washington, D.C. He was the 2nd truck to join the largest and most talked about convoy that started in California. He spent 87 days, working his way across America and back. He met with Senators, Congressmen, State Senators, Doctors, Sheriffs (and other law enforcement officers) as well as hundreds if not thousands of hugs, kisses and handshakes from MANY People. He shared his tears with people that are concerned with the direction the United States is going.

Grey Wolf made promises to people he met along his way to Washington, D.C., that he would deliver those messages to the leaders there. He did that! But many more must be delivered!

He told everyone that would listen that the truck drivers were just “The Tip of the Spear” and that the body and staff were made up of the PEOPLE! And it would take the PEOPLE to make the REAL difference in Washington, D.C. and their individual states.

Grey Wolf is setting out on this walk for freedom and liberties in America to raise awareness to what the Government has and IS doing. He will help Inform, Educate and Disseminate information to PEOPLE along the way as to what they MUST do to regain their Constitutional rights and God-given freedoms and liberties.

It is his goal to have as many people as possible join him when entering into Washington, D.C. to cover the distance from the Capital Building to the White House to the Washington Monument with PEOPLE, standing shoulder to shoulder, letting THEIR many voices be heard as one! So loud in fact, that the Government and the Media can no longer ignore THEIR demands!

Your donations will help keep Grey Wolf solvent with home expenses while on this 150+ day trek and will go towards expenses for the walk as well. Grey Wolf is not trying to earn a profit with donations, he is only desiring to cover home and walk expenses. Any donations left over at the end of the walk will be given to Veteran and First Responder Organizations.

Thank you in advance!

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Update #5
September 29, 2022
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Just finished a Webinar with the Doctors and Nurses of the Alliance were very nice and I look forward to more visits.

I am praying for those in Florida during the hurricane.

Ron "Grey Wolf" Coleman

Update #4
September 13, 2022
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It has been hard for me to give updates. I apologize for that.

I have had a panel with Canadian "James Topp" a man walking across Canada to raise awareness.

I am in Vernal, UT. and was able to me with the owner of the local radio stations. I was invited to go to the radio station and record a statement of why I was doing this walk. I spoke to objectives and I was received well.

God has shown me that this is the correct thing to do. Every time I think I have made a wrong turn, something happens that justifies the turn. We lost our supply trailers, he provided for me through my neighbor, a trailer for me to use, just in time!

We need to cover the expenses, I know GOD will provide!

God bless you!

Update #3
August 31, 2022
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Sorry it has been a while for updates. Most of the updates are on my website at:

Here is an article that came out about my walk for Freedom today!

Share, Share, Share!!!!!

Update #2
June 27, 2022
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We have pushed out the start date to July 2nd. We have also moved the start location to the Nevada State capital in Carson City.

 I am working on the support vehicle and now have a driver for the support vehicle.

God bless you all!

Update #1
June 18, 2022
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The start date has been set!!

June 27th!

I left Pennsylvania the other day, heading back to Nevada to get ready for the walk!

 I am backtracking the route I plan to take the walk on. Mostly Highway 40. Still looking for volunteers to make calls to the jurisdictions I will be walking through to ensure there will be no issues. 

I went through the heart of Columbus and Indianapolis cities yesterday. A lot of opportunities to talk to people!

if you would like to help! Email is at:

God bless you and thank you for your help!


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