We are a public network supported by/for "We the People". It is is a new way to find all your news in one place. We distribute programming that is directly responsive to the American public.

We are the one stop shop for unbiased and accurate reporting of current events and the truth around past events. 

This new media platform will use the power of the Internet and social media to connect people with the programming they want to see. GrassRootsWarrior Network (GRWN) will give "We the People" options to use their discernment to decide what resonates with them and provide a way for them to support the shows they love. By pooling resources and collaborating, we can create a powerful new voice in the world of media.

Your blessed donation no matter how big or small will allow us to get the Truths to "We the People"…

We greatly appreciate and thank you for your generous donations to make this GRWN a reality.