We’re headed to Granada and San Juan del Sur for outreach! OUR MISSION is to share our HOPE IN GOD, NICARAGUAN CULTURE and EXPLOSIVE TALENTS!


The 9th largest city in NicaraguaGranada is historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities, economically, culturally and politically. On the banks of Lake NicaraguaGranada had a thriving Indigenous population and is thought to be the first city in mainland America colonized by the Europeans.

Attacked many times by French, English and Dutch pirates, Granada was also the site where American William Walker took up residence and attempted to take control of Central America and create economies based on slavery, before he was murdered.

Granada has fought for years with the northern city of León over political control of Nicaragua. The city of Granada was favored by the conservatives, while Léon was favored by the liberals. For many years there was conflict that at times became quite violent between the cities' families and political factions.


Granada's economy continues to grow as it is becoming a hub for tourism, but it also has fertile agricultural land and mass produces organic coffee and cacao, cattle, plantains and bananas.


Located by the Pacific Ocean, San Juan del Sur is popular amongst surfers, hippies, backpackers, missionaries, Westerners seeking to live off the grid, and is a major vacation center for many Nicaraguan families and foreign tourists.

Tourism has boomed over the past couple of decades, however prior to that San Juan del Sur was primarily a port for shipping and a fishing base. As tourists flocked to the area, the fishing industry also boomed.

A statue of the Christ of the Mercy sits above the town and is one of the tallest Jesus statues in the world.Many Survivor episodes were also filmed in Nicaragua, the closest town to the shooting locations was San Juan del Sur.

In recent years, the World Surfing Championships have also been located close to San Juan del Sur, and these two sets of activities have propelled the town to international prominence.

The Nicavangelists Outreach tour will be 2 weeks (A week of bootcamp and a week of outreach in Granada & San Juan del Sur). We are taking 50 youths and mumsPlease pray for us and believe with us for a terrific time as we attempt to share our hope, culture and talent in Granada and San Juan del Sur.


Love yaz,


Jeddo & Co xoxoxo