A lifelong itinerant missionary to the Spanish-speaking world and author of Pastor Sam's Latin America War Report & Migrant Invasion News, I am now a REFUGEE myself residing in Mexico City.  Aside from jungle preaching and street preaching in Mexico and occasional travel to Central or South America (or a tent revival in the USA), I teach in English everyday on the lost Bible doctrines of self-defense and self-government that made America great and the West a unique place where the Gospel could flourish.  I am also a Trump-supporting conservative journalist and political commentator--one of the last ones that has not been silenced by communist agitators or anarchist assaults. Journalism (like Christianity) is now considered a capital crime by rogue "law-enforcement" bureaus of the hijacked US government.  Leftist mobs attack innocents and burn US cities with impunity, but freedom of speech to proclaim our historic biblical values is all but gone. 
PLEASE HELP ME TO REBUILD CONSERVATIVE JOUNALISM FROM REFUGE IN MEXICO!  I have significant legal expenses on both sides of the Rio Grande, and I feed a lot of hungry kids.  I also need to be prepared to receive others who would prefer to continue to broadcast in exile than rot in a jail cell for imagined crimes.  Please follow the GospelGunslingers on Twitter & YouTube, and subscribe to our FREE blogs on Substack and Subscribestar.com.  Also, please tune in for the Living By The Sword radio show, broadcasting to North & South America & The Caribbean on Monday nights, 5PM on WRMI 9955mHz and 6PM on WBCQ 7.490mHz (Eastern US Time).  It costs me a lot of money to keep those shows on the air, and I greatly appreciate any and all that HELP FINANCIALLY to do that out of a pure heart.