Helping L Get Through Brain Surgery

Campaign Created by: Daniel Sperry

The funds from this campaign will be received by Daniel Sperry.

Goal: USD $5,000
Raised: USD $ 6,050

Hello friends ~

I am Milena Worsham and this is an invitation to donate money to support L Citizen and her partner Daniel Sperry as L recovers from brain surgery. This money is necessary to pay rent, bills and to buy food during L’s recovery. She will not be able to work and Daniel will be caring for her. I have been fortunate to know and love both of these amazing souls and I have witnessed first hand how much love, creativity and generosity they offer to the world and this community. It is now our opportunity to offer them the same support. Here is a message from Daniel that details the medical crisis that L is dealing with. 

“My sweetheart and partner of 9 years, L Citizen, has a pituitary tumor that is not cancerous but has the potential to be harmful if it is not removed. The recommended course of action is a fairly complicated surgery which will keep her in the hospital for three days and require recovery time from one to two months. This means no work for a considerable amount of time, the resulting loss of income being especially challenging during the winter months. One way you can help is to support this fundraiser and share it with friends who know her. We're confident we can get through this but all your help is appreciated!”

We would like to raise 5000 dollars to cover all living expenses during this time(rent, food, bills, etc.). Thank you in advance for your support and any amount that you have to give is appreciated. Please share as much as you can. Let’s get together and spread the word and spread the love.



Real Recovery Progress
December 22, 2023
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Hi Everyone!

It has been an incredibly busy ten days since L’s surgery! The surgery itself was successful. In fact it appears it went about as well as we could have hoped. So this is the first piece of good news. The first week after surgery was much rougher in terms of her discomfort than either of us expected, but by Wednesday of this week she has really started to turn the corner. That’s the further good news! We’re taking walks every day, her need for pain medication is tapering off and in general she just feels much more energetic and hopeful that the worst is over now. There will be weeks ahead to gain strength and months of follow up to make sure she is completely out of the woods. But for now we feel so grateful and blessed. Thank you all - each and every one of you - for your kind and loving support!

all our best!

Daniel and L

Update #2
December 5, 2023
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Just wanted to mention two things by way of an update for all of you who have made contributions. One is that although the dollar amount of donations shows in the low $4000's, there have been quite a few people who have either sent a Venmo or Paypal or even cash through the mail. When we counted it all up today, it was $5222. Which is quite amazing. It has been a week. We are so full of gratitude for each of you who have taken the time to make a contribution. It will make such a huge difference to allow L to really relax and heal and maybe even more than that, it is healing to know there are people behind you! So, thank you, all of you, for your great kindness in our time of need. 

And this connects with the second thing I want to say, which is about this platform, Today I got a message on my phone. It was a voicemail from the folks at givesendgo. It turns out they have a prayer team. The message was a very, very beautiful prayer on our behalf, asking for comfort and wisdom and support and faith. L and I both listened to it, and I have to confess, we were both in tears. Of course, everyone has their different ways. But coming to find out that there is an actual business that has made it part of their business to call people up and uplift them with their beautiful intentions, is pretty moving and very welcome. We have received your good wishes, prayers and intentions and none of it is lost. 

With Appreciation and Love,

Daniel and L

Update #1
November 29, 2023
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I want to say a couple of things about this fundraiser briefly after two active days online. First, L and I can't begin to express our gratitude for this response so far. In just two days we are more than halfway there to hit the target of the recovery fund. We never dreamed so much generosity and kindness would be expressed in this way and we're somewhere between tears and astonishment most of the time. So, thank you, so much, for being part of this. I've tried to send a thank you to most everyone as a reply to your comment when you contributed, but if I have missed anyone, please just know that every single one of you is precious to us and we are so grateful. Last thing is that some folks who didn't want to navigate this platform have been making their contribution through my Venmo, which is @danielaustinsperry, and that is fine also. If you know anyone who wants to contribute, and this way is not easy, that way will work as well. Also, our address is 988 Spring Way, Ashland, OR - some folks asked if they could send a check. That's fine, too, of course. 

On the medical front, L has a few more test procedures she'll need to go through over the next two weeks. We are just two weeks away. We are lining up rides, there are some people who are focusing on some meals to be made available - we're just doing all that kind of organizing so when she comes home she'll be able to just relax and heal. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We'll keep posting this campaign on Facebook and elsewhere and anything you can do to share that when you see it will help us complete the mission here. Lots of love and blessings to all of you!

Daniel and L


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