My mom and dad were very good people. Their favorite prayer was the rosary. As one of nine kids, I remember family road trips and we never went on a road trip without saying the rosary while traveling. 

As I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate the importance of meditation and praying the rosary prayer. The rosary can be your most powerful weapon against evil in the world. I have learned to make rosaries utilizing cord and individually tied knots. I make these rosaries and give them away free of charge to anyone who might want or need one. Each rosary takes about two and a half hours to make. My biggest cost to date besides the cord and the crucifixes has been the shipping cost at about $5 for each package of two through USPS. I have made and given away hundreds and continue to make more. This campaign is looking for help to defray the actual material cost of making and shipping these rosaries so I can continue, in my own way, to spread peace throughout the world from my own little corner. Any funds over and above my yearly costs will be donated to who also distributes rosary's free worldwide (and where I learned to make rosaries). My efforts will continue regardless of your assistance but your assistance, in your own way, helps spread peace throughout the world. Any little bit helps.

The rosary prayer is prayed by not just Catholics. Other Christian religions also pray this meditation. Anyone who just takes time to read the words of the prayers will realize that the Rosary is a universal Christian prayer/meditation.

Thanks and pray for peace in the world and in your life.

The Jesuit priests in Hiroshima, Japan ... said the rosary daily. When the US dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, none of the eight priests there were killed, nor did they have radiation poisoning, even though they were very close to ground zero. This medical miracle cannot be explained by modern science, but it can be explained by the power of the rosary. St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Franciscan Friary in Nagasaki also survived the atomic blast there as well.

“A Family that prays together stays together!” - Richard T Billock Sr. (my dad)

“The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times.” -Saint Padre Pio