This has been a very important decision, but after speaking with my family and asking God for guidance, it has been laid on my heart that I would like to serve my community by putting my hat into the race and running for elected office. 

I take this duty very seriously, and I am honored that so many have voiced to me their desire for me to step into the arena.  

However, I cannot do this alone.  I need all the help I can get.  If you're visiting this page, then you understand the importance of contributions for any political campaign. I appreciate that you took the time to come here and considered donating. 

This campaign is different.  It is a fight against the establishment and the dirty politics of the past.  This is a campaign about the people.  In order to fight as hard as I can, I need fuel in tank.  Every cent that you donate will be put to the promotion of a campaign that seeks to put America and all of its people first and foremost.  

We are fighting for:  

  1. Better education in South Carolina
  2. Building a future job economy for South Carolinians 
  3. Remaining tough on crime
  4. Ensuring medical freedom
  5. Securing our elections on the State and Federal level
  6. Making energy affordable in South Carolina
  7. Lowering Taxes for hard working families
  8. Holding our representatives accountable
  9. Creating unity between cultures without the toxic woke rhetoric
  10. Putting Faith back into our communities

If this sounds like a campaign that aligns with your values, then please feel free to make a donation.  Every little bit helps.  The less I need to rely on the political establishment, the more I can work for you!