Gloria's New Hope

Campaign Created by: Gloria Sharlein

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Goal: USD $3,000
Raised: USD $ 390

My journey through June 2021 Pfizer covid-19 vaccine injury has been traumatic, painful, and devastating. But along the way God turned something bad and made it good. Through my own research I've been taking natural supplements trying to heal such as iodine since October 2021. Continuing to learn more and getting help I went through multiple natural therapies all leading me to Jonathan Otto and a were I continued my research and now knowing I can fully heal with research from amazing doctors such as Dr. Ed Group and stem cell therapy

A glorious moment in June 2022 I was part of the Nevada System of Higher Education ending of the covid 19 vaccine mandates. It was my third time speaking to this board but they finally ended the mandates. I continuously speak at any Board, State, or anywhere God calls me. By April 2023 I have spoken in Nevada, Florida, and Maryland.    

In June 2022 I submitted my vaccine injury story  to  and Aga Wilson shared her healing light and guidance and by July 2022 I was part of the #CanWeTalkAboutIt Campaign Team who's mission is to support vaccine injured, build awareness of vaccine injury, and help with research for the vaccine injured, in January 2023 I was invited to go to the Global Health Summit in Orlando, Florida where I met many vaccine injured, who also need support and now I am honored to have as family friends, world renown doctors, and Jonathan Otto.

My journey continues as I am invited to more Health Summits, Freedom Health Rallies, Interviews, Documentary films, and more. Now, I have to humbly ask for your support of me and my new hope. All my efforts have been pro bono and I now can't afford daily needs. Some of the devastation of the last couple years has left me fighting for my health and survival. Your support of my journey will help me stand at Health Summits, Events, University, State, and any call to action God inspires me to do. You will also, help me and my family eat properly, pay bills, and have the correct nutritional supplements to be healthy. 

Thank you for all your support it means everything to me, God Bless! 


Happy New Year 2024
January 5, 2024
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What a year 2023 has been. So many blessings of health, happiness, and unity. I was honored to open Healing of the A.G.E.S and spoke in 6 states standing for truth, vaccine awareness, and medical freedom. I have made 5 docuseries with my dear friend Jonathan Otto and one documentary, Silent Infertility with My life has been filled with so many wonderful people. I'm truly blessed for all the relationships! Thank you for your donations. They have helped me stand for freedom and help support my family. Financially it has been difficult and every donation helps. Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers. I will continue God's Mission and help as many people as possible in 2024! Lets make it the best year ever! God Bless. 

Disease in Reverse- weekly space
October 17, 2023
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Come join me on Sundays for my free weekly events on sharing URO therapy research. You can also come hear testimonies from others that are healing. I'm so grateful to be a part of seeing so many start to feel better after years of suffering. Come join Disease in Reverse on Sundays. Follow me on Facebook and twitter for more info. 

Thank you for all your donations. They are helping my family in many ways and help me provide a way to keep my work free for all. God Bless! 

Update July 2023 ReAwaken America Tour #2
July 24, 2023
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updateImage Thank you your donations, prayers, and shares. God is moving mountains and I just received amazing news Jonathan Otto is going to sponsor me to attend the ReAwaken America Tour. I'm so grateful I will be able to attend to help being not only awareness but the hope to heal to other injured, doctors, and the community.  All donations will go to the next event Dallas, TX and/or Washington, DC more information to come. Thank you everyone and Jonathan for supporting me and my God given mission to help others. I'm so grateful I'm on a journey of bringing hope, healing, and change to so many people in need. We are all in this together. 

Update July 2023 ReAwaken America Tour
July 23, 2023
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Hello Everyone,

I am humbly asking for prayers and donations to help support me and my mission in bringing awareness of vaccine injuries and the hope of healing for everyone to the great ReAwaken America Tour Las Vegas, NV. Your donation will help my with travel and stay expenses. Your donations will also allow me to have my weekly twitter space live from the event on Saturday Aug 26th and live Facebook check-ins. I'm excited for more opportunities to help others. Help me, help others, by making a donation today!

Thank you for all prayers and donations!

God Bless,


Update July 2023 Disease in Reverse
July 23, 2023
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for all the prayers! The last couple months have been miracles! I have been able to share my testimony in Jonathan Otto's and help others start their healing journeys. I'm so grateful to be able to help others! Please come join my live conversation on my twitter space Sundays 6PM EST.  

I know we can all heal as God promised!

Thank you and God Bless,



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