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I’m raising $3,500 to teach reading to kids in Liberia, Africa. Will you donate toward this mission? Click the Give Send Go link to donate. Thank you so much!

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A dear friend has invited me to join her at her mission school in a rural area in Central Liberia, Africa. She’s asked me to help teach the children how to read. This invitation means so much to me. For years I have had a dream and vision of teaching kids in Africa. In fact, it’s not a coincidence that I chose “global” as my word of the year for 2024 several months ago. I’ve been staring at it every day and wondering how it would unfold. Now I see. This mission is my opportunity to serve globally.

Maryalice told me some jarring facts about the children at her mission. There are preteens who are in preschool and teens in elementary school! Why? Because a civil war in Liberia prevented kids from going to school for 14 years, and they’ve never learned to read.

I know I’ll be taking tissues for my tears as I witness the devastation of kids not getting an education. But more importantly, I’ll be taking my phonics tools to train English-speaking teachers and students using the evidence-based science of reading methods. During my stay of ten days, this intensive instruction will give the kids a firm foundation for reading in a short window of time.

I also desire to give away copies of my own children’s book, How are You Today? A Celebration of Children’s Emotions. Maryalice told me that one of the largest barriers to increasing literacy is the lack of books, especially in rural areas. So, she and I will come up with a plan to get more books for the children at the mission.

By April 30 or sooner, my goal is to raise $3,500 for this mission trip. The trip is from June 1 to June 12, 2024. People feel good when they give and support good causes. I hope you’ll be willing to invest in the cause of global education. Of course, I will be investing as much as I can out of my own pocket for the trip, but I still need your financial help to support this mission. Any funds raised beyond the amount needed will be set aside for a follow-up trip in 2025.

Maryalice has served diligently at ICF Mission of Hope for over 10 years. The Mission of Hope (formerly Youth Mission of Life) was founded in 1952. Its ongoing goal is to change the lives of students through quality, faith-based education so they can break the chains of poverty and positively affect their future. To learn more; please go to

Children all over the world need to get a good education. According to the Global Education Monitoring report, 98 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa are not going to school. Education is UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goal #4. To support the goal, their key ask is attention to skills development. That is what I will be doing—developing the skill of reading. Will you help me? Will you invest in this global mission?

Thank you so much!

Many blessings,

Linda M. Mitchell