The Giver Army Fund

Campaign Created by: GiveSendGo Charities

The funds from this campaign will be received by GiveSendGo Charities.

Monthly Goal: USD $10,000
Raised this month: USD $1,043
Total Raised: USD $ 51,250

The GiveSendGo "Giver Army" is a dedicated group of crowdfunding philanthropists who utilize the current crowdfunding technology at GiveSendGo to partner with us in sharing the hope of Jesus by practicing generosity towards certain causes on our platform.

By choosing to be part of our Giver Army, you are eliminating the paradox of choice and allowing GiveSendGo Charities the ability to make the most of your donation by benefitting a number of qualified and verified cause-campaigns all while benefitting you with a tax-deductible receipt with a few other goodies. 

Each donor may select a certain cause they feel passionate about and request their donation be utilized to benefit qualifying campaigns within that cause group. Givers are NOT allowed to request a designation of their charitable donation to a specified campaign on our site, even if it qualifies. Thank you for your generosity! 


The Giver Gala - October 28th, 2023
July 25, 2023
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updateImage Your Giver Gala is upon us, and now is the time to plan! A beautiful trip to Boston will make this fall a season to remember. RSVP HERE and join us for a night to remember!


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