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Goal: USD $80,500
Raised: USD $ 5,056

Praised be Jesus Christ, King and Sovereign Priest.

My name is Joseph Gibson, I'm from San Antonio, Texas, and I am a seminarian for the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. God willing, and with your gracious assistance, I will continue studying at Saint Philip Neri International Seminary in Gricigliano, Italy for the next seven years.

I was raised Catholic in San Antonio, but never gave much consideration to the Priesthood, and, until Divine Providence granted my conversion, lived my Faith in a very lukewarm manner. This grace led to my discovery in my college years of the Traditional Mass, which became for me the fountain of blessings of which so many saints have written. Towards the end of my time at Texas A&M University I began to believe that I had been neglecting a call to the priesthood. Less than a year after graduation I became convinced this vocation was as a canon of the Institute of Christ the King. After a year of formation as a pre-seminary candidate, I've only become more certain of this path. The Institute asks all seminarians and candidates to provide their own tuition to help defray the cost of food, housing, and academics. I am also responsible for paying the costs of insurance, travel, government fees, among other things. The cost of tuition alone is $1050 per month for September through July of each year. Therefore, I ask for your help in paying for these expenses. More importantly, I ask for your prayers, indispensable in my formation. I pray for all my benefactors, whether material or spiritual, for the great love they express by their support.

N.B.: Since I am a private person, donating to this fundraiser will have no consequences regarding any potential tax deductions. If you prefer a tax deduction, you can donate directly to the Institute’s U.S. Headquarters. However, please follow the steps below exactly, otherwise the donation will not go through, or it won’t be applied to my formation costs:

  1. Donate at using the Seminary Fund option. On the next page, use the Seminary Fund space to make your donation.
  2. While making your donation, it is important that my name is not mentioned, otherwise the Institute cannot accept your donation (even if I’m mentioned in a simple memo).
  3. Email your receipt to, informing the secretary that the donation is for Joseph Gibson's benefit (otherwise the donation will not be allocated to me).


Spring Update and Cassock Appeal
April 13, 2024
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Dear Friends and Family,

As we rejoice in the Easter season, your generous support is at the forefront of my thoughts on the blessings given to me in my formation. Your generosity and prayers have been a great consolation, and I am deeply grateful for your continued encouragement. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to each one of you for your continued support of my vocation.

On this past Passion Sunday, all us in the year of spirituality had our measurements taken by the ecclesiastical tailor who makes our first cassocks every year. On Easter Sunday I was told by the prefect of the first years that, God willing, I will receive the cassock and tonsure after the end-of-year retreat at the end of June. This is a major step towards my consecration to the service of God, and I thank Him to have brought me this far with your assistance.

Clerical clothing is one of the expenses that necessarily comes with seminary, and to pay for two cassocks, two faschias, a surplice, biretta, and collar will total almost $1000. If only two dozen people made a one-time donation of $40, this would cover all these expenses. Therefore, I ask all who read this to please consider a one-time donation of $40, and to share this post.

Once again, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your support and prayers. 

In Christo Rege,


Seminary Update
August 29, 2023
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Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks be to God, I will be leaving to attend Saint Philip Neri International Seminary on September 1st. For that I have you to thank, for your prayers and contributions to my fees. I was not employed full-time between college and entering formation, so I have not had much in the way of savings to draw on for this year, or for the next 7 years.

When I decided to enter the Institute, I was conflicted on whether to start right away, or to continue my discernment while being employed. God even tested me in this way, I believe, by way of presenting me with the choice to take a job offer, or to attempt to enter the Institute. I hadn't received any job offer for months! At the time, I wasn't even sure if my application to the Institute would be accepted, so when I turned down the offer, I couldn't be sure I'd actually be entering. I believed this was a test of trust in God. I knew I didn't have the funds to pay for all of seminary, and taking that job for only a year would have let me pay for almost all of it myself. But I've learned that part of this discernment is trusting that God will provide in His own time. My tuition alone over the course of my time at seminary will amount to $80,850, and that is excluding expenses like travel, insurance, government fees, among others. So please know that your support is an essential part of my priestly formation.

This first year, called "spirituality" begins for me with a week of intensive French study, followed by a weeklong retreat at a house belonging to the Sisters Adorers in Switzerland. The academic year begins the following week. My courses this year will include study in doctrine, the spiritual life, the lives of the Saints, history of spirituality, pontifical texts, liturgy, the Psalms, philosophy, methodology, Latin and Greek, and Gregorian chant. I will be continuing to use this online campaign until the end of my time at seminary, and will post updates during my vacation times as I won't be able to access this website during the academic year. Photos from the seminary are periodically uploaded and can be viewed on the Institute's French website.

March Update
March 6, 2023
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Dear Friends and Family,

With February behind us, so too have I passed the halfway point of the roughly ten and a half months of my candidacy, which ends with the month of July. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly six months already! In the coming months, we’ll be tested on our French competency that will determine whether it is sufficient for our studies at Gricigliano, or whether we must continue for yet another year, in Germany. Later we will also begin the application process, which itself is entirely in French.

I cannot thank enough you all who have supported me by your continued prayers and contributions to my tuition. You remain indispensable to my vocation discernment, and I pray for you all every day.



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