We love God and America - and are fighting to restore Traditional American Values at every level of government. Especially locally, where it is easer to take back control. When we fix our towns, we'll fix our states.  When we fix our states, we'll fix our country.

That's why we are excited to share our success regarding our recent project to remove unopposed Danville Selectman Kim Farah from office in the July 13, 2021 election.  Farah allowed a Sunday School Teacher to be arrested for not wearing a mask during a meeting. The GIP helped former Selectman Scott Borucki with a Write-In campaign to end Farah's radical ideologies on election day.

Our first mission was successful: to demand a law that would force a forensic audit of Windham, NH's November General Election. We spent months pushing the SB43 Bill through the NH legislature to mandate an independent forensic audit.  The results of the audit were mixed because of elitist ideologies in the local Windham government.
Several Windham Selectmen selected an "auditor" who was unqualified to perform the audit - and who had conflicts of interest. When Windham residents objected, the Chairman referred to 500+ patriots as "irrelevant."

Our fight is just beginning.  Please donate what you can to help continue building this organization into a formidable defender of our Constitution.

It is our duty and our obligation to maintain our Constitutional Freedoms to ensure that future generations share in the freedom and liberty guaranteed by our Nation’s Founding Documents.