Why am I running?

The short is answer is because I'm tired of all of the corruption and business as usual in Concord and D.C.  We've seen a major push lately to sacrifice our personal decision making to professional, unelected bureaucrats at all levels of government. The way I see it there's only one person who knows what's best for you: YOU! 

Yet, how can you find time to make sound decisions when each day brings more out of control spending  by government that destroys the value of the very money you use to buy groceries, fill up your car, and worst of all fill your home heating oil tank? It's a bit difficult to figure out what's going on when you have politicians spending money like drunk sailors on shore leave.

Here are the three ways I plan to put more money in your pocket, allow  mega-corporations to be held accountable to the law, and provide essentially interest-free loans to the public.

-The Bank of North Dakota
The state of North Dakota created the Bank of North Dakota in 1919. Tired of the predatory practices of the big banks back East they created their own. By law all tax revenue is deposited into this bank which is then loaned out basically interest-free for public use.       
Given that up to half of the cost of a bridge, road, or other public project is interest payments this is something we need to establish in NH immediately. We could double our tax dollars simply by cutting out the middlemen mega-banks.

-Holding Mega-Corporations Accountable to the Law
Through judicial chicanery (i.e. judges selling us out) corporations have been given the status of gods. They are essentially immortal since they were given constitutional rights and recognized as persons in the late 1800s.  
It was not always like this. In the late 1700s and early 1800s corporations were kept on a short leash with their lifespans, size, and even what they were allowed to do decided by the state legislatures. Ironically, in Puerto Rico it is still illegal for an agricultural corporation to exceed 500-acres. Yet, in the states we are led to believe we have no say in how these monoliths operate. This is absurd and it is time to reassert our right to decide how they operate in New Hampshire.

Are You Obligated to Pay the Federal Income Tax?
     According to former IRS agents Joe Banister and Sherry Peel Jackson the answer is no. The federal income tax is an excise tax that doesn't apply to the vast majority of Americans who simply trade their time for money.
I brought a petitioned warrant article forward at the Northfield Town Meeting in 2021. It would have required the Selectmen to ask the IRS three questions as to the nature of the tax. It was voted down after a Northfield state rep said it was an issue for Concord. Well, I intend to bring this important issue to Concord with your vote.

Your financial support will allow me to reach more people with this message. There are apps that allow door knocking to be much more effective but unfortunately they cost around $300 a month. Not to mention printing costs and who can forget gasoline expenses?!

If you can give I thank you and if you can't afford to give right now please get involved in other ways. Contact me and we'll figure something out that allows you to use your personal talents to the greatest extent.

Live Free or Die!

Jason Gerhard
603 716-4632