Our Film: Generation Covid

An entire generation of children faces devastating learning loss, crushing mental health challenges, record-high absenteeism, poverty and lost opportunity because schools were forcibly closed during the pandemic. Long past the time when adults resumed their lives, children were onerously restricted, kept alone and isolated in spite of clear data showing covid posed little threat to the young and healthy.

Generation Covid reveals the stark realities of post-covid America with a focus on the long term harms done to children due to ineffective and prolonged school closures, lockdowns and other restrictions that were needlessly imposed on their lives.

Despite clear and incontrovertible evidence of the harms done - especially to the poor and working class - malignant political forces seek to censor, silence and vilify anyone who questions the efficacy of these unprecedented and unscientific decisions. Our children are paying the price. We all are.

Directors' Statement

We are making this film to tell the stories of the children impacted by school closures. They were forced to carry an unfair burden on behalf of society. And now, having unjustly sacrificed so much, they need to be acknowledged, seen and heard. While there is mainstream recognition that school closures were ineffective and harmful, there has been no accountability. And these were policy choices by individuals who were willing to sacrifice children to score political points. The stories of those impacted need to be told. We want help drive a societal conversation to ensure that this never happens again.

Why the pitch for funds?

Generation Covid is a full-length feature documentary film. Or it will be once it is completed! Unfortunately, the usual funders of documentary film are not supporting stories that don't fit the mainstream narrative on covid.

Our film will deliver the highest quality storytelling and production values and we need to rely on everyday folks like YOU to help us finish it. We have completed filming. Your donations will help us complete the post production of the film. The funds you contribute will fund editing, graphics, sound design, usage for archival footage and music. Please join us in getting the message out thus ensuring this never happens again.