OTC (Orphanage Transforming Children) in St. Raphael, located in northern Haiti, is in need of funds to continue construction. They are currently renting a building for the children. The land has been purchased.... the construction has begun. Once the construction is completed, the children will have a place of their own and OTC will not have to use funds for the ever-increasing costs of renting. This will also allow the children to have a school on site! The objective is framing the child today...... to be autonomous tomorrow. The orphanage is Christ centered. Pastor Jean Fresly is the founder of OTC and because of the dire need he is making this request. Thanks for your prayerful consideration.......and being a blessing to these children.......... in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 

Our family has supported OTC for some time with the basics, house renting, education, staff, land purchase, etc. It is currently beyond our means to take this next step for these kids. Would you prayerfully join us? 

The Cochran Family