❤️ God is within her she will not fail Psalm 46:5

Hi my name is Lorie,

Due to the covid shutdowns and my states regulations I have not been able to work since March 13th. I’m being forced to sell our family ranch in fear of losing it.I’ve worked hard my entire life and I’m being forced to sell my  personal belonging to survive. I’ve applied for the PPP loans and still nothing! 
 My ranch saw approximately 2500 kids a year. I worked mainly with homeschool students and contracted with 14 different charter schools during the school year and ran six weeks of summer camps during the summer , as well as  working with the girl and  boy Scouts of America. I built this business/ranch from the ground up. I’m a  single mom and a full time caregiver to my elderly dad that lives with us and  suffers from dementia.I’m literally losing everything due  to unnecessary shutdowns. I’ve ran this ranch and tended to everything by myself right down to fixing fences.

Any help that anyone can give would be so appreciated. I’m a very proud person   and have never asked for help or a handout ever! I’m trying desperately not to lose our ranch. I have a balloon payment reaching its maturity date of February 1st. (Update I was granted an extension to April 1st) It’s not your typical mortgage and I had planned to refinance in early 2020 but with the shutdowns I can’t qualify. I’m running out of options and I’m terrified.  
Im a proud hard working American and any help I get I can repay over time if need be. Thank you everyone for reading. Keep the faith ❤️Stay strong!