The fight continues, if you believe in fair elections help us continue this struggle against lawlessness and fraud. Fair, open and honest elections, together we can fix this. Americans, left and right, we need to find out what happened during this election. The country will not get past this until we know. We need an audit of the voters that voted, validation of security envelopes and ballots, audit of the count and cyber/security analysis of all machines and processes. Our work will continue, we need your support. Regardless of what happens in the election there is work to do.

Thank you everyone, for your generosity. We are focused on the following:
1) Finding the truth of what happened in this election. We are in the fight for transparency and rebuilding a system we can all trust.
2) We are in contact with many legal efforts and investigations across the country as well as vetting leads, this requires support.
3) We are in this for the duration and driving ideas for how to ensure future elections are both fair and free. We need to clean this mess of apathy and corruption up. 

We are not accepting RNC money in order to stay true to bipartisan ideals and clear of influence. We are burning through over $100,000 per month in direct costs and could use much more. Keep us in the fight.

It is not too late to have a big impact on this election, Act Now! While we are seeking fair elections on a non-partisan basis we have already had a huge impact on the current election discussion and legal efforts. Our data and position papers are available to anyone. Unlike many out here we have been purely self funding while aggressively developing operational, data and election analysis and position papers while helping to develop hard evidence of what happened during this election. We need to expand our impact, immediately. There are critical things to be done:
- develop clear and validated references on election problems as a reference resource for those studying and fighting about election issues.
- force data collection efforts country wide on how this election was conducted to support analytics and discussion about the flaws.
- validate as many votes as possible, finding the dead that voted and the living that were excluded, limited only by funding.
- develop legal compliance analysis on the whole election.
- advocate for a solution so this never happens again.
- do cyber and forensic audits on all aspects of the election.

Citizens for Free Elections, CFFE, is a citizen-driven, nonprofit, non-partisan, project of Times of Need that investigates public elections in the U.S. We independently produce and publish hard evidence of election irregularities in order to serve any interested parties.
Our group was on the ground in 2020 prior to Election Day and we have been actively supporting legal and citizen teams familiar to many through mainstream, social and alternative media.
Election 2020:
Prior to the November election, CFFE assembled a nationwide network of experts and leaders committed to fighting for electoral justice and protecting the integrity of the 2020 elections by researching, investigating, and exposing instances of public corruption, fraud, malfeasance, errors and incompetence.
Specifically, our steps to ensure voting integrity within the2020 Election includes:
1. Identification of legal and illegal ballots (both paper and electronic ballots);
2. Initiating manual recounts all legal ballots, as mandated by some courts;
3. Publishing results in a transparent manner for all to see and review.
4. Audit physical equipment for evidence of inaccuracy and temperting.

Who We Are:
CFFE is comprised mostly of citizen volunteers and a minimal staff.  But more specifically, CFFE embraces:
• Experts in cyber security, election auditing, statistics, and operations who can quickly develop methods for securing and analyzing election data.
• The General Public including Voters, Concerned Citizens, Media, Advocacy Groups and Political Candidates, all of who may submit reports on suspected malfeasance or voter rights infringement.
• Videographers, who can upload video content taken from polling locations, including interviews with voters who experienced infringement(s) on their rights. 
• Lawyers, who can share legal briefs or discuss legal strategies with other lawyers in an open but secure discussion forum. 
• Journalists, who can submit commissioned article concepts for approval, and then write and upload approved commissioned articles,
• Other Media Participants who may request hourly headlines of CFFE-collected reports on Election Day. 
• Citizen Observers who provide raw qualitative and quantitative exit polling data, record affidavits from victims of voter rights infringement and whistleblowers, and log voting machine malfunctions that can later be tracked so as to ensure their resolution prior to the next election. 
Our Long-term Goals:
• Determine the accuracy of the election process; 
• Create transparency by providing real time independent non-partisan election data directly to the public through a variety of media technologies;
• Provide state legislatures with data on election system performance so that legislators may formulate new election laws and regulations based upon objective data that unmistakably identifies election system problems and offers insights on how to correct them.
• Determine compliance of sanctioned election processes, machines and software with long-standing Federal and State law.
• Improve the ability to legally contest elections where there is evidence of voting irregularities. Provide evidence to lawyers and advocacy groups in a timely manner to allow them to file legal contestations of election results prior to election certification. 
• Help Design a reliable election system for the future.
Where We are Focused:
CFFE will focus on jurisdictions regularly contested during Federal elections, specifically jurisdictions:
• with electronic voting equipment;
• where voter registration database manipulation is likely to impact results at the state level;
• where margins of victory in key races are likely to be within the margin of error;
• that previously experienced high levels of irregularities. 
Methodology for Understanding Voting Irregularities
Problems with voting leading to disenfranchisement, lost votes, wrongly counted 
votes or other voting irregularities have many sources.  These problems can stem from:
• record keeping irregularities occuring before the voter reaches the polls (e.g. 
incorrect purging of registered voters);
• errors in check-in procedures at the polls (e.g. providing someone the ballot for the wrong precinct or party);
• voter interface issues (e.g. confusing ballot designs, or malfunctioning voting equipment); 
• vote counting/recounting errors (e.g. machines, ballots or precincts excluded), or;
• failure to follow appropriate and required processes at any point (e.g. closed, inaccessible, or late opening polling locations, shortage of provisional ballots, failure to ask for correct identification, lack of qualified poll workers, lack of signage or assistance available in needed languages, lack of handicapped access to equipment, or the inability to audit the voting process).
How to Support The Citizens for Free Elections Project
Times of Need is a 501.C.3 company operating under provisional tax status.
• If you know something, please email us at 

• Donate to our efforts, now,