In prayer, God gave me a vision that churches were about to be closed. I had a sudden urge to spread the gospel to people who were about to be stuck. No longer able to walk into a church. No fellowship. No answers to their questions.

Jesus Christ Worldwide Ministries is an online church (

We are the answer to the top searched questions on the web!

We are

We are

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And many more...

Millions of people search these questions a year. Millions of people are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe this is the most cost-effective way to preach to millions of people worldwide. We are making it into homes where people are trapped. We are getting the gospel to people that are sick in hospitals.

We are getting this message into Muslim countries where you would be killed to share the message of Christ. People are able to secretly seek the word of God and we have content we want to make but lack the funding. 

We have videos that encourage Christians. We have videos that educate the lost. We have content that educates Muslims and warns people of a coming worldwide system. We have many projects that need funding. In many cases, this is the only way to get the gospel out. 

God's enemies are trying to steal our freedom, our voice, and our ability to share the finished work of Jesus Christ. Time is short. We must get the message out. We are living in the end times.

Go to Jesus Christ Worldwide Ministries and see what I and one other man were able to do. We ask for some of the blessings that God has given you. We will continue our work.

Prayerfully support this ministry.