Help me stop the democrats from stealing Trumps second term


With your donation you are helping us to post online the corrupt main stream media reporters phone numbers. So we can call them to give them a piece of our mind about the lies they put out.Have you ever wished you could reach thru your tv and grab white house reporters JIm Acostas neck to wring it a little.Well this is the next best thing.


We have lined up about 50 volunteeers to do our reporters details research and we need donations for some cheap laptops for the volunteers work, a database , some used desks and some cheap rental office your donation will imeadiatly help us identify, embaress and humiliate these scum reporters.Such as all the White house reporters like Jim Acosta who regularly harrasses Trump officials 

we will also post all that is legally allowed such as their work office address in case you would rather mail a regulr type letter or package to their office location.Also posting their immeadiate boss with same details and his bosses boss.

We will also posting the same details for these reporters friends so we can contact them also to ask why they hang out with such scum.So give as much as you can afford as soon as you can even 5$ will help us to defend Trump from these jackasses. All donations are confidential.

Another website did something similar recently and that scum person said he got over 25,000 phone calls within 48 hours. So it will make a difference to the reporters to know their are still normal Americans with morals and ethics.

 please  help as i cant do it alone thank you............ Vanessa