I along with a couple of my best friends have started a campaign to rescue inner city teens from the gang culture which has taken so many lives, in a third world country in the Caribbean. Our mission is completely clandestine due to the dangers involved, these gangs dont take too kindly to our methods to the point where me and my team members lives are consistently being threatened and we are always in a state of fear while going into these dangerous communities. We are currently working with 10 former gang members between the ages 12-18. The children were involved in horrific murders and shootings over the course of their young lives and we are trying our hardest to rehabilitate these kids through Jesus Christ our lord and savior. We keep regular prayer meetings to teach them about our lord and savior Jesus Christ, we aid the kids and their families with back to school items, grocery items etcc... We assist them with reintegrating back into the school system because they have been gone for so long its like they are starting over again from scratch. Our main aim as an organization is get theses kids out of the gangs and closer to Jesus and through christ we will look to transform these once forgotten children into a shining example of remdemption. So please any donation would go a long way to further this worthy cause.