Greetings Everyone! 
I'm a disabled mom of two wonderful sons! I'm proud of how they have grown into special young men! My oldest TJ is 34 now and his brother, Nathan, will be 28 and I can't take all of the credit because God has kept his hands on them both. I'm asking everyone to help me repair my home. My estranged husband is not fixing the damages that he has done or that of those that occurred due to poor building by the realtor construction that caused two roof leaks in the main bathroom and in the kitchen ceilings! The cabinets in the main bathroom and master bedroom has black mold which has now seeped under the floorboards! The main bathroom’s floor and sub flooring has sunk where the washer and dryer sit and the flooring has rotted to the point that the plumbing company says the weight of a standard floor water heater will not hold up. The water heater my estranged husband put in a cheap model tankless water heater that was good for one shower and not for 2 showers and the kitchen sink. Mice and slugs are coming in through the rotten floors and I’m so tired of living out of bins and trash bags waiting on my divorce papers! 
I have Crohn's disease which is hard on my organs, and according to the doctors, I have Stage 3 Kidney disease, osteoporosis in my spine and hips, scoliosis in my spine, blood clotting disorder, anemia, urgent bladder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and about another 5 or 6 things that I’m dealing with! ! I've dealt with multiple surgeries over 40 years of my 60 years! The hoarding of items need sorting and I'm trapped in this home with only my disability check and now pay 1/2 of the household bills, 1/2 of the mortgage and a car note and a mountain of loan debts just to get at least the roof repaired! My estranged husband is still housed here and attends another church but does little to help here now. 
I went on bended knee to ask God to put a roof over my sons heads because I had taken so much from them and this house was mine before my marriage and was a contingency that it would always be theirs and now I cannot even sell it to the We Buy Ugly Houses People to buy and flip because of too many repairs and to pay off the mortgage! I’m trying to work to help myself, but I’m so exhausted and I’m accelerating my ailments by trying to work 2 jobs with little pay to be able to get things fixed, pay off the loans and get my health back in a manageable way. If you can please help me in any way, it will be much appreciated!
Thank you for listening and bless you All many times for any help you can give!