I am a Christian evangelist.  I have been working for the Lord God for the past 35 years, and especially during the past 15 years I have been very active in conservative politics, working for the Lord to bring this nation back around to Him and back to the Godly roots this nation was founded on.  This has specifically been my calling.  It has been a delight and blessing to work for the Lord God, especially since I love America so much, but whenever one is working for God, many times the enemy attacks and steals from worthy warriors.  In 2006 I lost a business and my house and auto.  In 2009, due to the recession, I lost another business and auto, and my family has been attacked viciously, but I believe the Lord has shown me that this is the “year of return”.  This is the year that the enemy has to return what was stolen from God’s people (and not just me), and I believe the Lord told me to place my petition on the GiveSendGo site and He would anoint those special ones He has picked to help me with finances to return what the enemy has stolen from me personally.  I am still working diligently for the Lord in many ways, as the Lord has worked through me to heal several people of cancer, but also especially in the area of politics, in order to keep this nation a conservative and Godly law and order nation, free from socialism, communism and the Demon Democrats, as those are agendas perpetrated by our enemy Satan in order to control the masses instead of allowing the Lord God to control His people through capitalism.  

I thank you in advance for your help in this regard and may the Lord God richly bless you for any donation the Lord speaks to you to make.  Please understand that I placed my financial goal amount very high, not expecting to get that amount, but not wanting to go so low as to limit the Hand of the Lord God, since one never knows what plans God has for you to help others.  In 2010, the Lord God gave me a vision of where He was taking America, and that He would allow her to fall, but then out of the ashes He would bring her back up for a glorious revival.  Donald Trump has come through 4 years of hell -- BUT the Lord God has shown me that the next 4 years under Mr. Trump will be facilitated by the Lord God to resurrect us from the ashes and usher us into a Great Restoration and Revival. You may see this vision online at: https://z3news.com/w/happen-america/

I will continue to work for the Lord God and this beloved nation, no matter what the cost!