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Justice League of America Vote Fraud Investigation

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Justice League of America St. Louis, MO
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We are currently running an investigation in Michigan identifying and covering numerous instance of voter irregularities and fraud in the 2020 election.  We have reporters on the ground and a film crew in the area.  Please help us reveal the truth and expose fraud and corruption.  Any amount raised over and above the amount needed for our investigation will be applied to legal fees and other expenses incurred by Justice League of America and for future investigations. Thank you very much!


2020-11-11 16:14:33

God Bless You


2020-11-11 16:19:36

One nation under God!


2020-11-11 16:34:19

Keep up the good fight

Cheryl Bramer

2020-11-11 16:53:49

I'm praying that Gods Will be done .And very soon, This is the precipice. We must purge the SWAMP, or our votes will not count, as has been the case for decades. Thanks is hardly enough, Gateway Pundit,Joe.

Jennifer R.

2020-11-11 17:28:48

Thank you for fighting. History, I believe, will count you among a new generation of Patriots defending this great nation. Prayers for your continued bravery, wisdom and safety as you confront this evil.


2020-11-11 17:33:30

Thanks for doing the investigation. Were I not disabled, the amount would equal the balance.


2020-11-11 17:38:49

For God and Country

Gori L

2020-11-11 17:43:12

thank you for the great job exposing the corrupt people.

carolyn williams

2020-11-11 17:44:06

thank you for all hard work I pray we will be victorious and President Trump is inaugurated my words and your work to gods ears


2020-11-11 17:59:17

Please keep fighting for Trump!


2020-11-11 18:10:57

A heartfelt Thank You!! Also if there are protests planned in Lansing, please pass it on so we can boost participation!!


2020-11-11 18:34:16

I'm glad I'm able to contribute to the defense of the US Constitution. Keep up the good fight.


2020-11-11 18:44:27

Every legal vote should count. Illegal votes invalidate legal votes.

Lori Raley

2020-11-11 18:44:55

Thank you!


2020-11-11 18:55:23

God Speed KAG


2020-11-11 19:24:48

With God's grace we go forth

Deborah L Williams

2020-11-11 19:57:51

We are praying for everything done in darkness to come to Light!🧂🌝


2020-11-11 20:36:53

Praying for fair accurate vote. Our democracy depends on this.

Rich M.

2020-11-12 00:56:53

Thanks Jim for all the work you do! Go get 'em...

John Dougall

2020-11-12 01:31:08

Got to this thick darkness that is trying to envelop America! Respect and commend you Jim and all those around fighting this evil corruption. They Can't win and will Not win. GOD BLESS THE USA FROM AUSTRALIA


2020-11-12 01:44:34

Keep fighting the good Jim! Love and support from Canada.


2020-11-12 01:56:26

Thank you for all that you do!!

2020-11-12 01:56:57

Get ‘em


2020-11-12 01:57:35

Will donate more on payday :)


2020-11-12 01:59:14

Dear God save our country.


2020-11-12 02:00:18

God bless you all and thank you.


2020-11-12 02:00:36

Fight the fraud

Sandy Pierce

2020-11-12 02:00:37

Fight the righteous, good fight!


2020-11-12 02:00:43

Prayers that the truth will be revealed. 🙏🏻


2020-11-12 02:01:13

Thank you, Patriots!


2020-11-12 02:02:03

Thank you!

Lake Country Fitness

2020-11-12 02:04:22

Praying for your mission.

Jesse Garrett

2020-11-12 02:06:17



2020-11-12 02:07:08

Thank you!!


2020-11-12 02:09:09

God bless you

Trump supporter

2020-11-12 02:09:38

May justice and truth prevail!


2020-11-12 02:09:45

Thank you for work you are doing to save America

Trinity Pharris

2020-11-12 02:10:34

Bring home the evidence msm refuses to show.


2020-11-12 02:22:37

Thanks for all you are doing!

The Johnson Family

2020-11-12 02:26:48

We must protect the voting system! Only legal votes should count and no one should be able to steal an election! Thank you!


2020-11-12 02:30:49

God bless the Republic!


2020-11-12 02:30:50

Thank you

Jimmy Jact Cash

2020-11-12 02:35:14

Gettem.. No Retreat! We need you Jim!


2020-11-12 02:36:18

God's will be done. Democrats and their media have blatantly falsified and lied throughout 2020.


2020-11-12 03:04:03

Stop the steal

dottie mason

2020-11-12 03:22:14

keep up the good fight


2020-11-12 03:25:36

Keep up the good work, Patriots.


2020-11-12 04:09:37

Thank you for all you do for we the people. God bless!


2020-11-12 04:26:51

Keep working.


2020-11-12 05:07:58



2020-11-12 05:23:22

Good luck and stay safe.


2020-11-12 05:36:28

Keep up the good work!


2020-11-12 06:57:13

Thank you for all you are doing.....🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


2020-11-12 10:08:24

Thank you!

Theron G. Burrough

2020-11-12 13:12:34

When I last voted in Congressional elections in Brooklyn, NY, a poll worker opened my secret ballot folder, looked inside, and stuffed my ballot into a ballot box which already jam-packed and overflowing with ballots. It looked like a trash bin with a very narrow slot. There was a normal ballot box right next to it. I was weak from illness and utterly shocked. Now I will help make that stop!

Captain Pops

2020-11-12 18:06:59

Lets clean the rats out.................


2020-11-12 18:12:48


Leslie La Nasa

2020-11-13 02:13:00

May God bless your reporting and efforts...


2020-11-13 03:26:28

From a grateful Trump Democrat.


2020-11-13 04:45:44

~Thank you!

Carolyn Harvey

2020-11-13 06:31:31

Hi Team ; May the info you seek be brought out safely&soon! P.S The excellent Gateway is keeping us informed where Other media is singing from the JB songbook! Thanks& God Bless


2020-11-13 20:04:51

Keep up the fight! Everyone pray.

Matthew Jenkins

2020-11-13 20:15:34

God’s Speed!

Patricia Z.

2020-11-13 20:35:11

Thank you for your hard work! Can give more later next week.

Walter E.

2020-11-13 21:50:40

Thank you for all of the hard work you all are doing for us.


2020-11-13 21:57:35

The reason I mistrust so many even some who support truth and supposedly our Constitution is the 800 lb gorilla in every room... Kamala Harris is no more eligible to be Vice President or President than King Tut. Her parents one Jamaican one Indian. Here on College Visas. No citizen parents. For many years she grew up in India and had to travel on mom’s Indian passport. Jurisdiction Thereof? India!

Scott Wagner

2020-11-13 23:55:36

God bless your work!


2020-11-14 00:46:31

Good work and Good Luck! Thanks


2020-11-14 01:27:25

Thanks. We have no country without election integrity.


2020-11-14 01:38:23

Keep up the good works


2020-11-14 02:04:15

You have an amazing website. Thanks for all your dedication to helping save our country.

Anne Bell

2020-11-14 05:46:24

Release the KRAKEN

Paula Lindsey

2020-11-14 13:48:28

I'm praying. Thank you for doing this. Even though these people are evil and combative, please be respectful and show we are the good guys.


2020-11-14 21:50:19



2020-11-14 21:53:50

We love you guys: Jim and Joe Hoft! Thank you for going into battle on behalf of patriotic Americans.


2020-11-14 22:24:47

God bless you for your work!


2020-11-14 22:47:37

Keep doing great work.


2020-11-14 22:54:13

Thank you for what you are doing!


2020-11-14 23:03:59

Thank you for all your hard work👍


2020-11-14 23:19:25

Thanks for trying to save our republic!!!

eric riser

2020-11-14 23:24:51

god bless you and thank you for all that you are doing,

Avid Runner

2020-11-14 23:35:02

Jesus Christ Bless America


2020-11-15 00:04:51


Bill Heller

2020-11-15 00:27:47

Keep the pressure on, Joe!

Jay and Kendra

2020-11-15 01:12:37

God bless you and Thank you for your hard work.


2020-11-15 01:56:50

We appreciate all you do!


2020-11-15 03:19:48

thank you


2020-11-15 03:31:38

Keep up the wonderful work! Many blessings!


2020-11-15 04:55:48

Keep fighting for the truth. This is the hill to fight on.


2020-11-15 04:58:23

Thank you for all that you do!


2020-11-15 07:59:59

Fight on! Thanks

Timothy 2.0

2020-11-15 09:01:11

Give them a good fight. God Bless you all and America


2020-11-15 10:34:08

Praying for wisdom Working for victory today and everyday...


2020-11-15 13:21:03

Excellent work toward advancing truth.

Glen Johnson

2020-11-15 16:28:09

Expose everyone involved right down to who the poll workers were!


2020-11-15 17:55:33



2020-11-15 20:50:14

Rigging this election will be costly for Democrats in future elections.

KAG Forever

2020-11-15 20:53:59

Keep up the good work and thank you for it!


2020-11-15 20:54:53

Keep up the GREAT work!


2020-11-15 21:03:33

Thank you for all you do!


2020-11-15 21:04:33

Thanks for all your hard work! TGP has been on top of the fraud stories. Better than anyone else!


2020-11-15 21:11:06

Thanks for exposing what the corrupt lame stream media won't!!


2020-11-15 22:01:40

Watched and re-tweeted all of your interviews from youtube. Thanks for getting to the bottom of this fraud!

Tim McGuire

2020-11-15 22:04:53

Keep up the good fight!

John W Johnston

2020-11-15 22:09:44

Illegitimi non carborundum.


2020-11-15 22:12:28

Thank you!!!


2020-11-15 22:34:50

Stand fast!


2020-11-15 22:58:38

Please Keep Fighting for our Country, thank you for the great work you are doing. God is on our side and we will prevail!


2020-11-15 23:14:11

Keep on fighting for our freedoms

Vicky MK

2020-11-15 23:14:15

#StopTheSteal #CountEveryLegalVote


2020-11-15 23:16:32

Great work.

JR Zimmer

2020-11-15 23:20:57

GP...keep up the great work guys!


2020-11-15 23:32:56

THANK YOU for your tireless efforts. You are appreciated mire than you can know.


2020-11-16 00:46:26



2020-11-16 01:14:12

Keep up the fight!


2020-11-16 01:45:50

Keep up the fight!


2020-11-16 02:13:18

Report on the vote fraud!


2020-11-16 17:25:16

keep up the Good Fight


2020-11-17 00:29:33

Thank you for investigating in Michigan. An acquaintance told me that when she voted the machine did not tally her vote. (Kent County)

Tony Farmer

2020-11-17 00:55:27

keep up the good work everybody


2020-11-17 01:15:04

You are doing great work and we are praying for you. Keep on with the good fight. Abba bless you, the Blood of Yeshua ha'Maschiach strengthen you and the Ruach ha'Qodesh guide you.


2020-11-17 01:18:19

My donation from a MI conservative small business owner who's tired of the corruption


2020-11-17 01:33:08

God bless you for your courage And dedication to the truth.


2020-11-17 01:40:42

From a Catholic Priest in West Virginia.


2020-11-17 01:43:59

A Veteran too old to fight but old enough to still care about our Republic and Freedom.


2020-11-17 03:17:14

Keep fighting the good fight!


2020-11-17 04:08:15

Thank you so much for your investigation. Altho the Presidential race is tantamount, please, next look into John James. I'm sure this is the second time he's been robbed. God bless

Frederick ZBerry

2020-11-17 04:49:22

Thanks for all the great serious reporting TGP does!

J Marsh

2020-11-17 04:57:04

Love you Brother, thanks for all you do!!!

A Blair

2020-11-17 15:02:49

Thank you for bringing light to darkness.


2020-11-17 19:59:06

Patriots Unite


2020-11-17 21:09:21

Glad to support ypur quest for plain truth. Just hoping that we, Canadians, can learn from this massive electoral fraud!


2020-11-18 18:52:07

Keep up the good fight.

Sons of Liberty

2020-11-19 04:13:15

Stop the STEAL Defend the Republic !

An American

2020-11-19 13:38:15

God bless America and God bless President Trump.

Paul Agather

2020-11-20 16:20:20

Thanks Jim and Joe for everything you are doing to preserve America.


2020-11-22 16:36:16

Go get’em!!!


2020-11-22 16:36:17

best newsite EVER!! I tell everyone that you are the go-to site for up to the minute news. Thank you for the work you are doing.

John Butler

2020-11-22 16:36:42

Thank you for your commitment to freedom!


2020-11-22 16:39:39

Keep up the good fight! So thankful for all the patriots out there.


2020-11-22 16:39:53



2020-11-22 16:39:53

We love our President.

Patriot Woman

2020-11-22 16:40:12


American Patriot

2020-11-22 16:40:34


Anne Vanker

2020-11-22 16:40:45

Thanks you for fighting for justice and our voices to be heard in a field of dishonest news!


2020-11-22 16:40:46

you are a worthy cause. many independent news sources and private people have multiplied your labors for the edification of many.


2020-11-22 16:40:47

Thanks for being a source of truth and light.

James McDonald

2020-11-22 16:41:30

Praying for God’s justice and you helping to deliver the truth.

Larrie Matthews

2020-11-22 16:43:00

For our country this is the ultimate battle of Christianity vs evil and good vs evil. It is all up to our Lord but I believe he is using you as a warrior.


2020-11-22 16:43:17

Keep up the great work! Let's make there heads explode! TRUMP2020


2020-11-22 16:43:24

Thank you for your love for our country.

Jennifer Hooker

2020-11-22 16:43:29

Thank you Patriots!


2020-11-22 16:44:35

Fight the good fight!


2020-11-22 16:44:41

God Bless AMERICA 🇺🇸

Joan P

2020-11-22 16:45:20

Thank you for all the FANTASTIC work you're doing! God Bless TGP.


2020-11-22 16:45:54

Thank you for your organization and your TRUTHFUL reporting.

Red Wave

2020-11-22 16:45:57

You guys have to make this happen we are counting on all of you. Protect the USA and protect Trump.

Joyce Pillion

2020-11-22 16:46:29

Great work. Thank you. Keep it up!


2020-11-22 16:46:44

Godspeed!! Thank you!!


2020-11-22 16:46:58


Dan Mills

2020-11-22 16:47:15

Please keep up the great job Gateway Pundit .


2020-11-22 16:47:26

Thank you to the Gateway Pundit, the Hoft brothers and all the Frredom loving citizens protesting and investigating this massive voter fraud


2020-11-22 16:48:21

Thank you for pursuing the TRUTH

Adam J

2020-11-22 16:48:22

We are praying also for these lies to be uncovered.


2020-11-22 16:48:42

I am glued to The Gateway Pundit. Thank you for keeping hope alive.


2020-11-22 16:50:02

We appreciate all that you are doing. I have to say, You guys are the best!

Lindsay and Liliana Johnson

2020-11-22 16:51:25

May God continue to give you strength and guidance.


2020-11-22 16:51:44

Great work


2020-11-22 16:52:04

You guys at GP are true Patriots! I appreciate everything you do for America!


2020-11-22 16:52:28

May the lord bless you for the good works you are doing.


2020-11-22 16:52:29


Richelle Garn

2020-11-22 16:52:31

Pray. Go. Fight. Win.


2020-11-22 16:52:58

MAGA! Thank you!


2020-11-22 16:53:33

Don't give up!


2020-11-22 16:54:20

Thank you for your work. Stop the Steal!

Michele Ralston

2020-11-22 16:54:22

Thank you for your work and perseverance. This is a battle between Good and Evil. Godspeed.


2020-11-22 16:54:32

Keep going!

Michael Peneguy

2020-11-22 16:54:32

Best news site since Nov.3 This my second donation/purchase in 50 years. Thank you, for lending hope our ship may be righted.


2020-11-22 16:54:33

Keep up the great work. And figure out how to get around the main stream media to get the truth out to the American people!

Jose Montalvo

2020-11-22 16:54:49

Let's Go!!


2020-11-22 16:54:58

Thank you Jim and Joe Hoft!


2020-11-22 16:55:45

Jim - I can help you with creating video interviews and documentation. You can contact me via email at


2020-11-22 16:56:14

Thank you


2020-11-22 16:56:49

Please keep fighting for us. If the GOP abandon us, help us make a new party. If the Dems are just cheating the elections anyway, no point supporting the GOP that let them.


2020-11-22 16:57:07

Keep up the good work, praying for a righteous outcome.


2020-11-22 16:57:23

Good Luck

Kenneth Buelter

2020-11-22 16:57:30

Hopefully you can make a difference.


2020-11-22 16:57:51

thank you for all your time and effort. you are angels from heaven.


2020-11-22 16:57:59

God bless you all


2020-11-22 16:58:03

St Michael watch over you all

Free Thinker Freedom Lover

2020-11-22 16:58:28

Appreciate your hard work. Please keep fighting!


2020-11-22 16:58:40

Keep up the great work!

Anthony Jagers

2020-11-22 16:58:52

Trump won by a landslide! #StoptheSteal


2020-11-22 16:59:46

God bless you GP! And God bless America and all the patriots working to preserve our republic! Thank you!


2020-11-22 16:59:48

Find and tell the truth.

John Bykerk

2020-11-22 17:00:26

Thank you for fighting.


2020-11-22 17:00:50

Bust these SOBs!


2020-11-22 17:01:28

4 more years!!!


2020-11-22 17:01:50

Thank you!

Lev Bronstein aka Trotsky

2020-11-22 17:02:07

I do not watch any (((mainstream fake news media))). It's been GateWayPundit since before November. There is much more to document. Keep up the great work.


2020-11-22 17:02:11

Please continue doing this work, you are unsung heroes. Thank you


2020-11-22 17:02:12

Thank you for all if your hard work. We are very grateful for all you do🙏🇺🇸


2020-11-22 17:03:24

Everything needs to be exposed, sunlight is the best disinfectant!

Martina & Mikaela

2020-11-22 17:03:45

I don't believe the Good Lord would put President Trump through the last 4 years, only to end like this. God knows the TRUTH. We can't give up now! Thank you for all you're doing and God Speed....


2020-11-22 17:03:46

Thank you!!


2020-11-22 17:04:09

Go get 'em!

Randy Mckee

2020-11-22 17:04:10



2020-11-22 17:04:38

Thank you for all you do!!


2020-11-22 17:04:40

Luke 12:2-3 There is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Buckle up.

Art Zakharov

2020-11-22 17:04:53

Keep up the good fight, stay strong!


2020-11-22 17:05:03

Keep up the great work. Thank you. For all you are doing.


2020-11-22 17:05:21

Go get 'em.


2020-11-22 17:05:21

Thank you for the great work you do.

The atom

2020-11-22 17:05:23

GWP is doing an OUTSTANDING job in exposing the EPIC fraud!

Jim Mansfield

2020-11-22 17:05:46

Count me in.


2020-11-22 17:06:09

Thanks goodness some citizens are watching out for country. Trump is the man to stand up to these evil people.


2020-11-22 17:06:17

God Bless Your Efforts Many, Many Thanks for all you are doing!

Don mack

2020-11-22 17:06:30



2020-11-22 17:07:01

Really appreciate Gateways mission


2020-11-22 17:07:20

G-d speed.


2020-11-22 17:08:09

We are all wide awake now. It's time for us to stand up and be heard.

Joel and Linda

2020-11-22 17:08:24

Thank you for fighting for us and the greatest president ever! God bless.


2020-11-22 17:09:05

Thank you for your work!

Bernadette Esposito

2020-11-22 17:09:31

Thank you for all you do. You are my first source for news!

Patriot's Dream

2020-11-22 17:09:34

Truth must prevail

NY Women for Trump

2020-11-22 17:10:54

Donald J Trump won! Stop the Steal!


2020-11-22 17:10:57

Let truth and righteousness reign.

Dave Brainard

2020-11-22 17:11:29

Keep up the great work and thank your for your patriotism.

Alexander Rodriguez

2020-11-22 17:11:36

Let's get them!

Gary Ramos

2020-11-22 17:12:02

keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!! We the american people need you to keep providing America with the truth !!!!!!! > On that not " Dear Lord , with your everlasting light and glory please shine down on us and give us the strength so that we may continue this fight to keep america great "


2020-11-22 17:12:29

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

Denise and Tom

2020-11-22 17:13:13

Thank you for fighting for freedom!

Nancy Jacques

2020-11-22 17:13:53

God bless you for all that you and your team are doing! Your reporting of the massive fraud has been outstanding and we, the tens-of-millions of disenfranchised voters, seek actual justice and 4 more years for President Trump. We now know for certain that he won in a massive landslide.

Kishan Sarkar

2020-11-22 17:14:12

Godspeed, let’s prove the fraud!


2020-11-22 17:15:33

Keep up the fight. The Republic must survive.

Jenn Mueller

2020-11-22 17:15:38

Please keep up your great work. I wish I could give more 😪

P Everett

2020-11-22 17:15:39

Save the republic.

Constitution Rules

2020-11-22 17:15:48

My #1 source for truth!!

Kid sniffer Biden

2020-11-22 17:15:53

Please continue your hard work.

Gailyn Baker

2020-11-22 17:16:07

God Bless America!


2020-11-22 17:16:19

Stop Socialism! Protect election integrity!

Dave Shannon

2020-11-22 17:16:22

Keep on showing the fraud..research and release.


2020-11-22 17:16:56

Stop the Steal!


2020-11-22 17:17:33

Awaken Patriots!

Christopher J hanson

2020-11-22 17:17:56


Ann Marie Fischer

2020-11-22 17:17:56

God Bless all who care and work so hard for our country, Ann Marie


2020-11-22 17:18:07

This isn't a contest between Republicans and Democrats; this is a War for Our Very Country; for Freedom versus Suppression; for Democracy vs Communistic Control. Keep up The Fight!!!


2020-11-22 17:19:09



2020-11-22 17:19:48

You are making great contribution to save our republic!

Laurie Davis

2020-11-22 17:20:01

This is the least I can do. You have always been right on the money and there for us (Conservatives/Patriots) when it seems like nobody else was. I so appreciate all that you do. God Bless!


2020-11-22 17:20:02

You are one of the last lines of defense from the end of America. They are about to get away with this huge election fraud that will never stop if it is not stopped now.


2020-11-22 17:21:00

Thank you for your tireless efforts. Any fraud must be found and exposed. Our democratic republic depends on it.


2020-11-22 17:22:19

Thank you, thank you. I share your info/videos with my family who are Democrats and not getting the factual info from mainstream news. It has to be a slow process for them because everything is so unbelievable for them, but eventually there will be a straw that broke the camel's back type of awakening. Please keep going! Thank you! Love, peace and blessings, LaTonya

Neil T

2020-11-22 17:22:23

Thank you Gateway Pundit for all you do!


2020-11-22 17:22:59

Keep up the good work!


2020-11-22 17:23:18

Thank You!!!


2020-11-22 17:23:24

Thank you, and good luck!


2020-11-22 17:23:36

Thank you for all you're doing! You are our main source of news. Keep it up.


2020-11-22 17:24:01

Americans demand & deserve the TRUTH! God bless Trump’s legal team & The Gateway Pundit staff!


2020-11-22 17:24:12

Thanks to all for exposing this fraud!

free and fair elections

2020-11-22 17:24:45

stop the steal!!!!

Patrick Burbridge

2020-11-22 17:25:27

In Jesus Name


2020-11-22 17:26:12

Fight on!


2020-11-22 17:26:50

Great Work!!! Thank you so very much for your excellent coverage of the election fraud!


2020-11-22 17:26:54

God Speed.


2020-11-22 17:27:06

God speed...


2020-11-22 17:27:57

Please continue the great work!

William Quake

2020-11-22 17:27:59

If Patriots don't do it, no one else will!

Avid Runner

2020-11-22 17:28:21

Get 'er done


2020-11-22 17:29:15

Thanks my friends for going when circumstances don't allow me to go! Praying for you all!


2020-11-22 17:29:35

God bless you


2020-11-22 17:30:34

Gods Speed to all of u!

Gerald Krause

2020-11-22 17:30:54

The truth shall set you free


2020-11-22 17:31:13

Keep up the great work!

Tar Heel

2020-11-22 17:33:39

God bless America, Land that I love, Stand beside her, and guide her, Through the night with a light from above. Thank you, GP!


2020-11-22 17:33:58

Thanks so much for the work you patriots are doing


2020-11-22 17:34:12

Jesus said you will not see me again until it is said "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.' Let us all move as one spirit and smote the beast. Where we go one, we go all!

Denny A.

2020-11-22 17:34:36

Thank you for fighting and not giving up.


2020-11-22 17:34:47

My family is so indebted to you, as is our country and the world! Thanks You!!


2020-11-22 17:35:09

Fight on!

Janet Reid

2020-11-22 17:35:21

Thank you, Patriots! United we stand. The will of the people does matter. Never stop fighting for our country.


2020-11-22 17:35:32

Thank you for doing this. We truly all appreciate your work! :)


2020-11-22 17:35:47

God Bless you for your good work!

Marie Travis

2020-11-22 17:36:28

Go git ‘em!


2020-11-22 17:36:41


Jennifer Creed

2020-11-22 17:37:41

Thank you so much and God bless you all.


2020-11-22 17:38:30

Thanks for what you are doing! Keep up the great work! I continue to trust God through all this!


2020-11-22 17:38:34

This is not Venezuela.

Scott A. Meyer

2020-11-22 17:38:55

Godspeed, PDJT.

Darren Bodenhamer

2020-11-22 17:39:41

I believe this is the single most important moment in our country’s history since WWII. Your efforts to save our republic are appreciated more than words or any amount of money can express. Thank you on behalf of my entire family. May God bless all of the patriots working tirelessly to save the USA!


2020-11-22 17:39:57

Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord...


2020-11-22 17:40:38

Just Get’r done.

Ian A.

2020-11-22 17:40:39



2020-11-22 17:40:47

Good luck and God Bless!!

Terence Brennan

2020-11-22 17:40:50

GatewayPundit is doing a vital public service providing news and information about the election fraud! Only truth will keep us free!

bless the USA

2020-11-22 17:41:27

I love to see people pull together who loves this great nation..


2020-11-22 17:42:37

thanks for all your hard work.


2020-11-22 17:43:08

I've read and watched almost all the articles you've put up on this enormous theft. Thanks to all.

Asian for Trump

2020-11-22 17:43:11

Yes, fighting for our freedom!!!

The Ghost of George Washington

2020-11-22 17:43:40

A grateful Nation thanks you.

Hunter S. Biden

2020-11-22 17:43:45



2020-11-22 17:44:24

God Bless the US


2020-11-22 17:44:44

Never us. Only the truth. God bless you guys.


2020-11-22 17:44:54

Let the true vote be uncovered!!


2020-11-22 17:45:28

Take back America!


2020-11-22 17:45:59

God Bless you & keep You safe! JESUS IS LORD! Trump2020


2020-11-22 17:46:02

Keep up the good work!!! You guys...and gals,,,ROCK!

Maria Wei

2020-11-22 17:46:31

Please expose the fraud as open as you can


2020-11-22 17:46:36

Let's all support our President Trump.

Robert J Curtis

2020-11-22 17:47:22

Keep fighting for our country! God bless you people!


2020-11-22 17:48:40

GP does so much, works so hard for us in getting the facts out. And doing real journalistic work. This is the least I do for y'all.


2020-11-22 17:48:53

Thank you. Keep finding the truth. Good work.


2020-11-22 17:48:53

God Speed. Thank you.

Ken Borawski

2020-11-22 17:48:56

Go Get Em


2020-11-22 17:50:00

Thank you Gateway Pundit for your work to “stop the steal” and save our Republic. May God bless you!

Jim Nasium

2020-11-22 17:51:44

Thank you!

Riley B

2020-11-22 17:51:55

Phenomenal Work! Checking GP everyday. Hope this helps.


2020-11-22 17:52:07

Thank you GP for your support


2020-11-22 17:52:34

Keep it up!


2020-11-22 17:52:37

Go get 'em!

Dixie P Carr

2020-11-22 17:52:48

I will be praying for your team. Thank you for the work you are doing.


2020-11-22 17:52:51

So proud and thankful for all your research!!


2020-11-22 17:52:56

Thank you for your work.


2020-11-22 17:53:42

Never Quit!

LV Mike

2020-11-22 17:54:30

This is fraud and treason being committed by the MSM and Rino republicans! We will not stand for this! If they think they can get away with this they are highly mistaken! Our wrath will be so great they will never be able to go anywhere in public again!

Judy Mason

2020-11-22 17:54:43

I pray that God will show his hand in this fight against evil.


2020-11-22 17:55:04

good work

Mary Kiewlich

2020-11-22 17:55:28

God Bless you and all of your amazing journalists who have brought attention to the corruption of the left!!


2020-11-22 17:55:33

Thank you for all you do to keep us free.


2020-11-22 17:55:38

Thanks for the election fraud coverage


2020-11-22 17:56:29

"Moderate" Republicans be warned..... W/O Trump the RNC is history, I will not support luke-warm Republicans and will not tolerate sellout Republicans!


2020-11-22 17:57:05

Please save our country from the swamp.


2020-11-22 17:57:20

Uncover the truth


2020-11-22 17:57:21

Great reporting!! Keep it up!


2020-11-22 17:57:28


Monte Farber

2020-11-22 17:58:34

The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.

Thomas Hanna

2020-11-22 17:59:36

Please report all reliable findings as requested by General Flynn's son to and also to


2020-11-22 17:59:37

Thank you for the good job you do.

Eric Herbert

2020-11-22 18:00:46

Without fair and honest elections our constitutional republic ceases to exist.


2020-11-22 18:00:57

Gateway Pundit is my “go-to website.” Appreciate so very much all you do.


2020-11-22 18:02:23

Continue your fine work.


2020-11-22 18:02:43

I live on SS but i had to pitch in. Keep the faith


2020-11-22 18:02:50

Get out the truth!


2020-11-22 18:02:54

We need the facts this week to help Sidney and Rudi.


2020-11-22 18:04:53

Doing great work!


2020-11-22 18:05:00

Go get em


2020-11-22 18:06:35



2020-11-22 18:07:01

Keep Up the GREAT work!!!


2020-11-22 18:08:29

Thanks for all you do.

Rick Hale

2020-11-22 18:08:59

Keep up the good work!


2020-11-22 18:10:22

Faith will get us there. Thank you for fighting the good fight--for all Americans and freedom loving people of the world.

Love of country

2020-11-22 18:11:27

Regardless of this outcome the republic relies on free and fair elections.

H. Talbot

2020-11-22 18:12:04

Will anyone ask if Dominion updated their software in Georgia right before the election?

Janet Hennessey

2020-11-22 18:12:04

Get these !


2020-11-22 18:12:15

Lets Roll.


2020-11-22 18:12:19


Jane MacNeille

2020-11-22 18:12:20

Keep fighting the good fight! God bless President Trump and God Bless the USA!

John Blakley

2020-11-22 18:12:31

#AmericaStrong! #StopTheSteal


2020-11-22 18:12:42

Thank you for your website and for fighting for every American voter, no matter who they voted for. Let Justice be done on those who have sought take our Freedom by force. God Bless you, your family, and your employees as well as our Great President. And God Bless America!


2020-11-22 18:13:08

Keep up the great work!! Thank you so much! We have to keep fighting!


2020-11-22 18:13:36

Luke 12:2-3 New Revised Standard Version 2 Nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known. 3 Therefore whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed from the housetops.

Gateway Pundit donation

2020-11-22 18:13:57

Thank you for fighting for our country!!!

Brown American

2020-11-22 18:14:51

Thank you for all your hard work


2020-11-22 18:15:06

I am so glad to be able to help support your effort on this crucial issue at this crucial time.


2020-11-22 18:17:06

Leviticus 10:2 So fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord


2020-11-22 18:17:26

Keep up the good work TGP exposing this massive fraud.


2020-11-22 18:18:48

Go get'em


2020-11-22 18:18:57

God Bless You


2020-11-22 18:19:12

Thank you for all you are doing!


2020-11-22 18:19:42

Thank are where hope made a comeback!

El Guapo Lengendario Casanova

2020-11-22 18:19:58

Thank You!!!


2020-11-22 18:20:05

Thank you Gateway Pundit for all you have done in fighting this fraud and the tireless hours you work to keep us informed!

Joanie Engemann

2020-11-22 18:20:06

We are all eternally grateful for your persistent fight to reveal the truth. I've been lost as to how I can help, so I'm altogether too willing to give you guys financial backing. Thank you a thousand times over! Joanie Engemann

Brenda Boden

2020-11-22 18:21:30

Keep up the good fight payriots


2020-11-22 18:22:59

Keep up the good work!


2020-11-22 18:25:08

TGP rocks! And tells the truth.


2020-11-22 18:25:38

Thank you for your hard work in unravelling this fraud. May God help you and our POTUS.


2020-11-22 18:25:57

Little help from France. We need Donald Trump to stand against China, censorship from GAFA. Just now they are talking about putting mail-in-ballot in France because Covid-19. We need to prove the fraud otherwise US and other countries will be doomed and we'll never get a fair election again...


2020-11-22 18:26:35

Thanks for all your work -- appreciate you!


2020-11-22 18:26:52

Keep fighting for the truth! Stop the steal!

Dan and Chris

2020-11-22 18:27:23

Thank you, keep up the good work and please bring this thing home for our country.


2020-11-22 18:27:48

This same thing happened some years ago when Kwame Kilpatrick was behind a significant number of votes..and early in the morning a ballot drop from a polling district allowed him to come from behind and win another term as mayor of detroit.


2020-11-22 18:28:17

Thank you for what you’re doing. I am praying for you!

Victoria Cubeiro

2020-11-22 18:30:46

This was a fraud and remember 5% of Washington D.C. voted for President Trump.

Steve Carver

2020-11-22 18:31:38

Save our country, please!


2020-11-22 18:33:26

Thank You, GP, for continuing the fight to give us the Truth and giving ordinary citizens like me a chance to DO something! I dont feel so helpless now.


2020-11-22 18:33:31

Since 11/4/20 TGP has been my #1 source of TRUTH.

Steve Justin

2020-11-22 18:33:36

Thank you, GWP!


2020-11-22 18:33:42

We know President Trump won the election & he will be President for the next 4 years. The dem party, rhinos, never Trumpers, & media are working together to steal this from the American people & we will not stand by & let this happen. Thank you Gateway Pundit for working with President Trump's attorneys to get the truth out. God bless you & all those who work to bring out the truth.


2020-11-22 18:33:44

Keep up the great work and dig deep! Until this possible election fraud is put to bed, no one will ever again trust our government or elected officials. If not investigated, those voters who supported the Republican Party that Donald Trump rebuilt will be disenfranchised and not come back, and I am one of them.


2020-11-22 18:34:51

Thanks so much for everything you do 🇺🇲


2020-11-22 18:36:34

Thank you for being real journalists!


2020-11-22 18:36:37

Thank you for your courage, determination, faithfulness, and patriotism. May Christ the King reign!


2020-11-22 18:38:00

TGP is my go-to site for truth. I support your every effort to educate, inform, and ultimately save America from the vicious evil working tirelessly to bring her to her knees.


2020-11-22 18:38:38

Thank you!!! 🇺🇸🙏🏻


2020-11-22 18:39:47

Thank you for your dedication!


2020-11-22 18:40:17

Thank you!!

Bill Z.

2020-11-22 18:40:24

For Truth, Justice & Liberty.


2020-11-22 18:41:20

Thanks Jim for your intrepid reporting.


2020-11-22 18:41:26

Perhaps include probability of irregularities vs. a coin toss, for emphasis? Keep up the good work!!

Laurie Jorgensen

2020-11-22 18:41:41

God Bless all the patriots working so hard to fight this corruption and fraud.


2020-11-22 18:42:19

Thank you for being actual journalists.


2020-11-22 18:42:20

"... the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous." (Ps 37:17)


2020-11-22 18:43:16

I love this country, and our President. WWG1WGA


2020-11-22 18:44:06

Thank you.

election legal defense

2020-11-22 18:44:11

God Bless Trump, God Bless Gateway Pundit, God Bless the Trump legal team.


2020-11-22 18:44:20

Pray for America and President Trump.


2020-11-22 18:44:35

God bless you all for helping our country in this most difficult time. I pray for God to protect and guide each and everyone associated with the Gateway Pundit in their search for truth and please protect them Dear Lord from the evil involved in this spiritual warfare. I pray for Donald Trump and his team and supporters as well. Please surround them with the Holy Spirit and repel all evil. Amen


2020-11-22 18:45:44

My husband was drafted and fought in Vietnam to "keep freedom here." Now LETS KEEP OUR FREEDOM HERE!!!

Suzanne Fowler

2020-11-22 18:47:07

Dear Jim, Your site is amazing and I just found it a few weeks ago. I have been praying the St. Michael Prayer and the Exorcism Prayer for President Trump from your site and all those who are helping him, like you! Thank you so much for the TRUTH you provide and your excellent perspective and faith in God! I LOVE how you are exposing the Posers. May God bless and keep you all, Suzanne Fowler


2020-11-22 18:47:29

Keep it up Team


2020-11-22 18:47:36

Thank you for all to do to fight for the freedom of our county and expose the criminals.


2020-11-22 18:47:41

God bless you all in the search for truth against the forces of pure evil. I pray that by the work you are doing, we will not need the kind of work I do.

Kathleen Jelinek

2020-11-22 18:48:17

Stay strong God is with us.


2020-11-22 18:48:24

Save our country!


2020-11-22 18:49:02

Keep up the Good Fight!!!

Mike C

2020-11-22 18:49:10

God Bless and Save USA


2020-11-22 18:50:19

Thanks for keeping up the fight


2020-11-22 18:51:37

THANK YOU from the depths of America's true heart for this work. Blessings and protection.

Jonathan Enns

2020-11-22 18:51:50

Hi Jim : Sam Enns here - doing this in son Jon’s name . Address attached to card is sons residence in Andover Mn .


2020-11-22 18:53:20

Keep up the great work!

American Descendant Of Slaves Patriot

2020-11-22 18:53:30

My people (African-Americans) endured the worst this country could throw at them so that I may have the American dream. By virtue of their hardship, criminal mistreatment, sacrifice and spilt blood, no group can lay more claim to these United States as ADOS. And I ain't gonna sit idly by and let these people steal my country

Praying Patriot

2020-11-22 18:54:28

So glad you all are doing what many of the rest of us cannot do, but we are standing with you in Prayer and I am sharing your site with everyone I can, rallying the troops!! Thank You!!

Judy Manell

2020-11-22 18:55:53

God bless you for the work you're doing to save our republic!


2020-11-22 18:56:33

This coup needs to come to an end!!!!

Raymond Andrew Amador

2020-11-22 18:56:44

Thanks to real Patriots: Jim and Joe Hoft, Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch, Congressmen Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes, Rudi Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and countless others, for not wavering in the fight to preserve our God-given Bill of Rights and our Freedom. Most importantly, Our President Donald J. Trump, and his family, who have made a huge sacrifice for all Americans and changed history.


2020-11-22 18:57:10

God bless President Trump (TrumpyBear) and save our Republic!!


2020-11-22 18:57:34

I very much appreciate all the time and effort you have dedicated to this election. God Bless you and your team. With our team consisting of God , President DONALD J TRUMP and Gateway we will prevail !!


2020-11-22 18:58:55

Thank you fro doing this work


2020-11-22 18:59:57



2020-11-22 19:00:32

We are so appreciate and grateful for your hard work in exposing this corruption. We are believers and pray alongside you every day. Stay strong! "We are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers".


2020-11-22 19:01:49

Concentrate on the big number votes because in order for a federal court to overturn an election it will need evidence of 1) willful intention to decieve/defraud and 2) proof that voting fraud occurred and 3) evidence that the number of votes altered is enough to effect the outcome. Statistical analysis by county might be more effective.


2020-11-22 19:01:57

Stop the steal


2020-11-22 19:01:58

Let's take our country back while we still have the chance.


2020-11-22 19:02:24

Keep exposing the fraud, we can't let the left and the globalist steal this election and our country. Patriots support your work, I have turned many people to your website for real news and reporting.

John Bernicken

2020-11-22 19:02:40

Thank you

linda price

2020-11-22 19:02:43

God bless all your efforts and may He be pleased to totally destroy the evil within our country and internationally.


2020-11-22 19:03:24

#StopTheSteal #JoeBidenisaCrook


2020-11-22 19:06:22

Get that evidence public with extensive detail.


2020-11-22 19:07:13

Comments are easy. Reach in your wallet and put your money where you say your values are.

W.J. Putnam

2020-11-22 19:07:43

God be with you, President Trump, and our country.


2020-11-22 19:07:48

Thanks Jim for doing God's work! May Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit bless all your endeavors!!


2020-11-22 19:08:47

Keep the faith!


2020-11-22 19:10:08

Go fight win


2020-11-22 19:10:42

Thanks for preserving our constitution.


2020-11-22 19:12:41

You're doing a fantstic job, hope this helps.


2020-11-22 19:13:30

Stop The Steal. Stop The Reset.


2020-11-22 19:13:38

Save our election process. Big cities should not the rights of the entire USA.

Art & Wilma

2020-11-22 19:14:17

Thank you for all you are doing. Stay strong!


2020-11-22 19:15:02

Go team. For Freedom!!!

Fran and Rick Rahn

2020-11-22 19:15:42

Thank you for all your effort. Freedom is resting on your work


2020-11-22 19:16:16

Keep up the good work!

Mother Trucker

2020-11-22 19:16:17

Keep a link available on your website so I can send you a payment again. I want to give more. Amazing how many talk shows are using your reports. Keep up the good work. Your work and efforts are needed in this country. God bless all of you!


2020-11-22 19:16:43

You are my heroes, Brothers Hoft May God bless your efforts!

Andrew M Devlin

2020-11-22 19:17:24

Great reporting, thanks!


2020-11-22 19:17:47

Thank you for all you do!!!


2020-11-22 19:18:46

Thank you for what your doing

Mesa AZ

2020-11-22 19:19:25

Hoft brothers - Thank you for your leadership and for reporting the Truth.


2020-11-22 19:19:31

Prayers to the Supreme Court of Heaven.


2020-11-22 19:20:19

God Bless you all!

Pius F Bishop

2020-11-22 19:20:29

Expose the voter fraud to the fullest extent possible. Turn over every rock and look behind every tree.

Proud American Family

2020-11-22 19:20:44

God bless all assisting with the upholding the American Constitution

Freedom Farm

2020-11-22 19:20:46

It's not much, but I want to help.


2020-11-22 19:20:56

If God is with us, who can be against us


2020-11-22 19:21:53

Let’s Beat them


2020-11-22 19:22:00

Keep up all the good work! God bless you for all you do.


2020-11-22 19:22:00

One of the last fair media outlets left ...we loose it we are in BIG Trouble!

Karin Copley

2020-11-22 19:22:45

Gateway Pundit has been doing amazing work!

Joseph Johnson

2020-11-22 19:22:57

Thank you for fighting for us, the hoi polloi.


2020-11-22 19:23:22

You're doing the Lord's work.


2020-11-22 19:23:42

Thank you, thank you, thank you! No way did Biden get all those vote. May justice prevail. May God end this nonsense.

Clan MacPherson

2020-11-22 19:24:07

When do you sleep? GP is posting blockbuster stories 24/7 every 10 minutes. Nice work!!

Marta Sandoval

2020-11-22 19:24:18

Thank you for using your platform and investigative team to help reveal an attack against our country. May God watch over you and keep you all safe.


2020-11-22 19:24:26

God Speed !!


2020-11-22 19:24:51

Go get them!


2020-11-22 19:26:20

Don't give up the fight!! Thank you all for fighting!!

Phil Henein

2020-11-22 19:27:39

God bless you guys. God bless Trump and May we strike down our enemies. 🙏

Phil Perkins

2020-11-22 19:30:10

The Gateway Pundit is MY GO TO SOURCE for REAL, TRUTHFUL NEWS. I check your site REGULARLY throughout the day and night. I TRUST YOU 100% of the time!!!! While other sites and sources have one by one disappointed me, you always have the latest most important news. THANK YOU for all that you are doing for OUR COUNTRY!!! "WE WILL NOT STAND DOWN" GOD BLESS AMERICA and PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!


2020-11-22 19:30:46

God bless America


2020-11-22 19:31:06

Thank you for your tenacity! Prayers!


2020-11-22 19:32:55

May God bless the work you are doing. I pray He does not allow evil to win in this case of election fraud.


2020-11-22 19:32:56

Trusting you to use these funds wisely.


2020-11-22 19:33:12


Marcus Romanowski

2020-11-22 19:35:33

Thank you for your hard work.

Steve Day

2020-11-22 19:35:48

You are doing the work that mainstream media refuses to do. Fox has become a joke. Even Tucker Carlson appears to be towing the company's Pro-Fraud/Pro-Biden line.

Vivian Deluca

2020-11-22 19:35:54

Stop the Steal! We the people have Voted! Our vote is for Trump! and it was a landslide victory!

Margaret B.

2020-11-22 19:36:50

I pray you are successful in bringing this terrible election fraud to light!


2020-11-22 19:37:17

God bless America!


2020-11-22 19:37:46

WeThe Peple


2020-11-22 19:38:29

God Bless America!


2020-11-22 19:38:51

Please do not solicit me for more donations

JLR Ohio Patriot

2020-11-22 19:39:03

Thank you for your reporting, I check multiple times daily and recommend your app to others. Trusting that your investigations will be a great contribution to saving our nation. God bless us all.


2020-11-22 19:39:59

I know it's not much, but keep up the great work!


2020-11-22 19:40:07

Evil will continue to grow if the good do nothing. It is time for everyone to recognize this and stand up. God bless our country and those helping to right this wrong.


2020-11-22 19:40:07

Thank you for fighting the good fight.

Joe Sangemino

2020-11-22 19:41:55

Thanks for your tremendous efforts to save this election for President Trump!


2020-11-22 19:42:48

To President Trump & Jim Hoft ( For the sake of ALL real American Patriots, ALL Christians, and ALL Catholics--- PRES. TRUMP, YOU CANNOT CONCEDE, YOU MUST NOT CONCEDE, and MUST NEVER CONCEDE for YOU WON IN A LANDSLIDE.


2020-11-22 19:44:49

Thank you GP!


2020-11-22 19:46:06

We cannot let these criminals get away with this


2020-11-22 19:46:57

Keep fighting the good fight!

Ronald steele

2020-11-22 19:47:29

Thank you.


2020-11-22 19:48:43

Go President Trump! Praying for our nation! Go Patriots!


2020-11-22 19:48:48

Thank you Jim for standing up for truth and justice you are a true patriot who loves our country! We stand behind you!


2020-11-22 19:50:26

God bless America and its patriots!!!


2020-11-22 19:56:44

President Trump has our prayers do not give up the fight! President Trump is our President!

Mister Earle

2020-11-22 19:57:10

Appreciate GP immensely!


2020-11-22 20:01:00

Jesus, I trust in you. God will prevail. Saint Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.


2020-11-22 20:02:24

God Bless America!


2020-11-22 20:02:57

Appreciate the work you do so much!


2020-11-22 20:03:58

Bless you and your contributors for spreading the truth that the MSM and social media firms do not want the American Citizens to see the constant corruption that the DEMs are involved with every day. I hope other viewers of your site donate what they can to support your vital mission.

Pam Burton

2020-11-22 20:04:33

Thank you Gateway Pundit for your efforts towards uncovering the truth and being a beacon of light and hope for us. God bless y'all.


2020-11-22 20:04:46

Praying for righteousness and justice to prevail in our country


2020-11-22 20:04:59

Keep up the good work, Patriots!

T. Morella

2020-11-22 20:06:10

Please don't stop until we get all of the truth out.

Beth williams

2020-11-22 20:06:11

Good luck and God speed!


2020-11-22 20:06:30

All darkness shall be brought into the light. Pray and have faith. God is with us!


2020-11-22 20:08:54

I am praying every day, all day for Truth, accountability, and consequences!!


2020-11-22 20:09:38

Play to the final whistle!


2020-11-22 20:11:05

Keep up the good work


2020-11-22 20:12:36

Thank You to Gateway Pundit and everyone involved in all the work! To think this is anything other than an attack on the United States of America is to not see the truth. Though mostly silent and subversive, it is a war We are on the Proving Grounds of America!

Leo Chen

2020-11-22 20:15:34

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid" Stand up and be counted.


2020-11-22 20:16:12

Thank you very much!


2020-11-22 20:16:15

Bless your work.

2020-11-22 20:17:44


2020-11-22 20:19:09

We have to expose this injustice

Christian Kessler

2020-11-22 20:19:27

Expose the deception

Dan Gaus

2020-11-22 20:19:31

Thank you for what you are doing.


2020-11-22 20:19:38

Thank you for your courage standing with the American people!

Richard and Deborah Hunt

2020-11-22 20:19:39

2Cor 4:6 For God, who said “Let light shine out of darkness,” is the one who shined in our hearts to give us the light of the glorious knowledge of God in the face of Christ.


2020-11-22 20:19:59

I pray that the Lord exposes this fraud!


2020-11-22 20:20:49

God bless, God help, Sidney, Lin, Rudy, and Trump


2020-11-22 20:21:49

... but we're not out !


2020-11-22 20:22:03

Thank you for everything you are doing!


2020-11-22 20:23:55

Keep the faith


2020-11-22 20:24:05

Shine the light on the fraud! God bless.

Bill Gagliardi

2020-11-22 20:24:12

Liberty must be preserved!


2020-11-22 20:25:19

Thank you for your work, dedication and patriotism. This is a turning point moment for our country and money is a way we can support your valiant efforts and be involved in the fight for right.


2020-11-22 20:27:57

Prayers are with your team. Thank you Patriots!


2020-11-22 20:29:24

You are doing the work the FBI, DOJ, and MSM should be doing. Thank you to all of the patriots helping you with the investigations and for those who are contributing to the grass roots effort to expose the election fraud of 2020, the largest heist in US history!


2020-11-22 20:29:38

Thank you for all the great work you are doing. President Trump won re-election 🇺🇸🇺🇸


2020-11-22 20:30:04

God Bless for standing with the American People


2020-11-22 20:30:58

FOX sucks

Willard Bickers

2020-11-22 20:35:09



2020-11-22 20:35:41

TY for all you’re doing!

Jan Wineberg

2020-11-22 20:35:52

PLEASE Stop the Steal and save America ❤️🇺🇸


2020-11-22 20:36:04

Thank you for your effort and dedication


2020-11-22 20:36:48

Thank you for all of your research!

Robert Ilsley

2020-11-22 20:37:33

Toward your great work.


2020-11-22 20:39:11

Thank for all your work and praying for you and all concerned.


2020-11-22 20:40:15

Carry on bravely


2020-11-22 20:41:30

America's Constitution and Bill of Rights are being flagrantly violated. Our freedoms are being taken from us by technocracy and the billionaires of the world. Unless we want to live in slavery to these insane despots we must ensure our right to freedom from censorship & to elect leaders of our choice. We must get the word out to the world & the Americans who have yet to hear & believe the truth!

Marla A

2020-11-22 20:41:44

Thank you for all you are doing!

Penny Heisler

2020-11-22 20:47:39

Go forward it!!

Renaldo Lares

2020-11-22 20:49:23

Let’s get them

kathleen close

2020-11-22 20:49:56

go get the truth.


2020-11-22 20:50:37

Trump just have to win, and your helping do it.


2020-11-22 20:53:52

Thank you for the work you are doing, God Bless. MAGA!!!


2020-11-22 20:53:58

Don't drag your feet, our free Nation is at stake. I'm continuing to pray.

John Gault 2020

2020-11-22 20:57:52

Keep publishing and searching for more evidence of Fraud!


2020-11-22 20:58:48

for freedom

Steven C Williams

2020-11-22 21:00:20

Go Get em


2020-11-22 21:01:57

Fight the good fight in Jesus name!!


2020-11-22 21:07:11

God Bless you TGP.. :)


2020-11-22 21:08:14

Keep Fighting for our Freedom! God Bless America and President Trump!


2020-11-22 21:13:26

I live in Va. Let me know if I can help in other ways.


2020-11-22 21:20:28

God help us.

Robert Quinn

2020-11-22 21:26:50

Live free or die fighting


2020-11-22 21:27:59

Keep up the good work. Gateway Pundit is blazing a path forward. The legacy media has had its day, and it's in the past.

Michael P

2020-11-22 21:30:56

Pray hard and keep your heart strong and God will answer our prayers. We want all and only legal votes counted. We want the corruption to stop! Never Give Up, Never Surrender!


2020-11-22 21:31:13

I’ve never in my life donated to anything. Given everything GP has presented and the actions of the democratic establishment during Trump’s first four years, there is no doubt in my mind that this election was stolen from Trump. I love this country and I’m a patriot just like everyone working on this. We cannot stop fighting for our democracy. We can win this! The future of America depends on it.


2020-11-22 21:31:21

What you do every day is amazing! Thank you for your Herculean efforts to restore our freedom.


2020-11-22 21:33:08

God Bless America


2020-11-22 21:34:50

I am willing to help in any state in any way to stop the theft of this election.


2020-11-22 21:35:50

Thank YOU!


2020-11-22 21:37:33

Thank you for all you are doing!


2020-11-22 21:37:51

Keep on doing your good work in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


2020-11-22 21:39:14

Thank you for your efforts.

C Santos

2020-11-22 21:41:15

Keep the Faith! If you have lost your Faith in Trump's success, keep it to yourself and stop infecting others with your negative thoughts! Patriots need to keep up Hope and Prayer. This is a very important time ~ let's support each other :)


2020-11-22 21:43:26

Keep it coming


2020-11-22 21:44:43

Thanks for being a light in the darkness!


2020-11-22 21:49:14

The Gateway Pundit is fighting for all Americans. We thank you!

dottie mason

2020-11-22 21:49:31

PLEASE keep up the fight.

Stephen Wille

2020-11-22 21:50:56

To keep the republic alive!


2020-11-22 21:51:04

I wish I could give more. Fight the fraud! Four more years!!!!


2020-11-22 21:51:34

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty." -Thomas Jefferson


2020-11-22 21:52:39

"Hope is the Last Thing to Die" - François de La Rochefoucauld


2020-11-22 21:53:03

God bless you and America!

The Mirror

2020-11-22 21:55:21

Match this theprof43.... bet you won't Keep up the Good work Mr. Hoft !!!

Bill Brady

2020-11-22 21:57:23

You rock Jim! Amazing work blogger cavalry rides again!


2020-11-22 21:57:31

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. John Adams

George J Cheah

2020-11-22 21:58:07

Freedom is not free. Voting integrity is the heart of our govt system. Thank you for your fight for our stand against Socialism and Communism in the USA

laurel cobb

2020-11-22 22:01:08

praying Fr Riperger's prayer of exorcism until this is settled Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us

Gateway Pundit

2020-11-22 22:01:51

The Gateway Pundit is one of few honest media outs left and well worth supporting.


2020-11-22 22:04:35

Keep up the good work. God bless America. MAGA, TRUMP 2020

Steve Wolff - #StopTheSteal

2020-11-22 22:06:54

Stop The Steal!!!


2020-11-22 22:08:35

We the people, make our stand for those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom and the American way of life that we hold dear. One flag, one country one god. Amen. Trump 2020🇺🇸USA


2020-11-22 22:15:22

We love you and appreciate all you do! Thank-you!!

Freedom Fulton

2020-11-22 22:15:45

Freedom ain't free Pay now or pay later


2020-11-22 22:17:02

Lord please let the truth be revealed, and Trump inaugurated for a successful 2nd term!!

2020-11-22 22:18:03

Lets Stand Together and Fight

Vietnam Navy Vet's Wife

2020-11-22 22:18:17

Thank you for your leadership in this crisis!


2020-11-22 22:19:04

Trump 2020


2020-11-22 22:20:26

Stop the destruction of our most precious liberty!! God be with us!!


2020-11-22 22:22:39

Thank you.


2020-11-22 22:22:41

Thank you for doing excellent work.

Wm. Huff

2020-11-22 22:24:43

God Bless You.


2020-11-22 22:25:09

Sidney, Lin, Jenna, Rudy et al are true American hero’s!


2020-11-22 22:27:22

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land

Joseph Wigton

2020-11-22 22:32:27

Thanks for your efforts to stop the steal.


2020-11-22 22:35:30


Hugh O Hutchins

2020-11-22 22:35:54

Will we be using this platform During the war Just curious


2020-11-22 22:40:21

Thank-you for your efforts. Please make sure you are safe. God bless you, guide you and give you wisdom.


2020-11-22 22:43:58

Molon Labe


2020-11-22 22:46:40


Anne McCambridge

2020-11-22 22:48:18

Du courage! You are great patriots, one and all. God bless the United States of America!

Margie Rheaume

2020-11-22 22:48:56

As a Christian I'm with you all the way!! I live below poverty level but what's at stake is more important than anything to me. I come from a military family and my dad gave his life for our country at the age of 44. I was 19 and it changed my life forever. We must live free!!


2020-11-22 22:53:46

Thank you all, for doing God’s work. Let’s win this battle!

Atl Engineer

2020-11-22 22:54:56

God Bless you, Jim and TGP team! God Bless and protect President Donald J. Trump

Chad E

2020-11-22 22:56:38

Keep up the good work. God bless and protect you all!


2020-11-22 22:57:11

Thank you !! This fraud and steal is such a disgrace !!

Tina Fuller

2020-11-22 23:00:59

Thanks for all you do!

S. Parkhurst

2020-11-22 23:01:02

Thanks for all you do! Wish I could donate without limit to causes like yours (ours!) without putting myself & family at serious financial risk. Doing what I can.


2020-11-22 23:03:52

Keep up the great work!

The Wolfers

2020-11-22 23:17:29

We are praying for the truth to come out and for your efforts to succeed.


2020-11-22 23:19:10

Thanks for all of your hard work. We support you.


2020-11-22 23:21:33

Continue the good work!


2020-11-22 23:21:40

Take them ALL down!

George Jacobs

2020-11-22 23:25:12

I wish I could afford more!


2020-11-22 23:27:16

Thank you for all you have done for America!


2020-11-22 23:30:42

Fight them now, there will be no commies in Heaven.


2020-11-22 23:31:58

I have gotten my most trustworthy information from this site during this time of total confusion. Thank you Gateway Pundit for doing THE RIGHT THING for citizens so that they can make their own decisions.


2020-11-22 23:36:01

It's now or never........Total War

Edward C OMalley

2020-11-22 23:37:38

With you all the way. God bless!


2020-11-22 23:38:45

Jn 3:19-21 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.


2020-11-22 23:39:34

thanks for all of us

Chris Vaught

2020-11-22 23:51:45

Godspeed to you all! Thank you for helping to thwart this evil!!


2020-11-22 23:59:56

Let's continue to fighting the good fight! Thank you to ALL the American Patriots who are working so hard for our country. May God richly bless you!

Arnold Ziffel

2020-11-23 00:00:30

Don't give up! Romney and FOX!


2020-11-23 00:17:33

Thank you for getting to the truth about this election.


2020-11-23 00:20:16

Please continue your efforts!

Karen L. Baouche

2020-11-23 00:20:42

The very real voter fraud that occurred must be revealed!!!

God Help Us Save this Republic

2020-11-23 00:25:30

Love the website and the work you do. The story our children will hear about this period in American history needs to end with, ...and the Patriots of this country stood strong in the face of Tyranny and Communism and kept this land free. God Bless


2020-11-23 00:33:43

Keep steadfast and stay the course. God Bless the USA


2020-11-23 00:35:23

Its time to stand up for freedom !


2020-11-23 00:38:45

Thank you from Michigan! Appreciate your wonderful work!

Stephen & Tina Ohio

2020-11-23 00:41:29

Dear Father, please let the Truth be revealed for all to see !

Alicia Medina

2020-11-23 00:41:32

Love you guys! Keep up the good work!

Concerned Patriot

2020-11-23 00:48:02

Go get them Jim, I just found your site the morning after the election as I ditched fox news and wanted to find a website that is fair to our Duly elected and Beloved Commander in Chief (DJT) and I have very quickly developed more respect and appreciation for your website and the honest reporting and hard work you do, then I ever had for fox news! Let's win this Patriots and May The Lord bless You

Alan Davenport

2020-11-23 00:51:12

Keep up the good work! God bless you.

Angry Vet

2020-11-23 00:56:31

Your coverage of “The Steal” during the last couple of weeks have given me hope that all is not lost. I pray that our efforts are not in vain.


2020-11-23 01:01:13



2020-11-23 01:02:10

Jim you are a an amazing blessing!!!


2020-11-23 01:02:54

The fight for light...


2020-11-23 01:07:27

Keep fighting! Help Sidney Powell and Lin Wood


2020-11-23 01:10:10

God Speed to the Trump defenders!!

Patricia C.

2020-11-23 01:18:03

Thanks for all your work!


2020-11-23 01:25:23

Never stop - I won't!


2020-11-23 01:32:32

We need to got the word out. My few democratic friends are sure " it is over & Biden won. " They say there is no proof.

John Daniel

2020-11-23 01:46:32

Keep up the good fight. We are working on digging up more corruption in Georgia.


2020-11-23 01:49:16

Some help to continue.


2020-11-23 01:54:59

I have been praying and appreciate The Gateway Pundit. Expose PROOF!!!!

Gail Gargani

2020-11-23 01:56:18

Thank you for all your work


2020-11-23 01:58:42

Thank you Gateway Pundit! Help make sure the truth comes out!


2020-11-23 01:58:54

I don’t know if we can overcome the coordinated efforts of the opposition but I’m not gonna stand by and do nothing. Give ‘em GP!


2020-11-23 02:02:26

Love, Truth and Freedom!

Duane and Mary

2020-11-23 02:18:22

Thank you for all the work you do with exposing the corruptness and treason in our government! We appreciate you and your site tremendously! Thank you!

Gabriel Wilson

2020-11-23 02:19:13

Praying for you guys!


2020-11-23 02:23:57

Thank you to all the GP investigative reporters who are courageously bringing forth truth to the American public. God bless each of you!


2020-11-23 02:34:41

We must win this battle. Thank you for making a donation possible for this purpose. Happy Thanks Giving.


2020-11-23 02:38:23

Trump Must Be Declared the Winner!!

Robert Miller

2020-11-23 02:47:46

God Speed


2020-11-23 02:57:57

Chumps won.


2020-11-23 03:00:35

Ty for helping us patriots fight!! WWG1WGA


2020-11-23 03:07:03

For the truth!


2020-11-23 03:07:33

Thank you!

Laura Wesselmann

2020-11-23 03:07:43

Expose the steal!


2020-11-23 03:27:35

Thanks for all your hard work. God bless you - and GodSpeed!

Tina Wahl

2020-11-23 03:39:16

Lots of prayers going your way, Mr. Hoft. To you and your brother. Thanks for all your good “sleuthing” as you are my go-to news site every morning and night. PLEASE continue to help Pres. Trump take his RIGHTFUL place in the WH. I hope this little amount can help in any way.

Tracey Epm

2020-11-23 03:42:15

Keep up your hard work exposing the truth. Thank you Patriots!

Dan Wilson

2020-11-23 03:48:00

Thank You so much for your great work.

Whitney Bledsoe

2020-11-23 03:48:13

Thank you for ALL you are doing!

A Qualey

2020-11-23 04:21:13

Thank you for all the truth work, we’ve got your six.

Tom Bailey

2020-11-23 04:21:16

Despite being restricted to Social Security, it is my distinct honor & privilege to donate to the efforts of such stalwart patriots.

Michael N Treybig

2020-11-23 04:24:38

Jim, God speed. Mike Treybig

John lacue

2020-11-23 04:25:17

#stop the steal an drain the swamp

Joseph Stoffregen

2020-11-23 04:39:57



2020-11-23 04:47:07

Thanks for your efforts


2020-11-23 04:56:45

Win this!

Roy E

2020-11-23 05:01:40

God Save America, patriots arise

Andrew S

2020-11-23 05:06:16

TGP has been a marvel in telling the truth about the election. Best wishes for your success in unmasking the fraud.


2020-11-23 05:21:46



2020-11-23 05:22:50

No mercy!


2020-11-23 05:26:09

Keep America Great!


2020-11-23 05:28:47

Thank you.

Wm. Lwrnce

2020-11-23 05:30:49

Final LOD

Shawn Hanners

2020-11-23 05:32:37

Love your website - I am behind you 100%


2020-11-23 05:34:55

Prayers are also added!


2020-11-23 05:39:40

Keep up the good work!


2020-11-23 06:01:47

Never give up. Never give in.


2020-11-23 06:02:15

for expenses...


2020-11-23 06:11:23

Thank you so much for fighting for President Trump !!!

Dave L

2020-11-23 06:48:22

Thank you for your investigative work. Please do all you can to expose this deceitful fraud of an election steal!!

David Lee

2020-11-23 06:48:54

Thank you for your hard work!

Frank McGrath

2020-11-23 07:00:41

Thanks and keep up the good work!


2020-11-23 07:16:15

Thanks for being the heroes we need right now, JLA!


2020-11-23 07:19:52

Thank you for fighting for America and President Trump.

Sandra E.

2020-11-23 07:47:18

Bless GWP for uncovering the election fraud and helping Trump succeed.


2020-11-23 08:29:11



2020-11-23 08:37:27

Keep fighting. We cannot allow the election to be stolen.


2020-11-23 08:39:26

Thank goodness for someone to help break up the fraud on everyone.

andrew smith

2020-11-23 08:46:00

Keep up the great journalism. Stay true to the truth and don’t be afraid to cite corrections or updates based on new information.


2020-11-23 09:19:14

glad to help


2020-11-23 10:01:36

May God arise and His enemies be scattered!


2020-11-23 10:08:39

Keep fighting the good fight!


2020-11-23 10:09:32

Thanks for your vital efforts. I am praying that you can finish the project soon. God Bless you all at the Gateway


2020-11-23 10:17:28

Love your work wish I could give more!! God Bless!!!


2020-11-23 10:24:04

Praying for a miracle!


2020-11-23 11:15:09

Thank you for fighting for truth.


2020-11-23 12:01:33

God bless you

Jonathan Cy

2020-11-23 12:19:56

Get irrefutable data analysis confirming vote switching.

Jeff Travers

2020-11-23 12:25:31

Take them to jail!

Debbie Gibson

2020-11-23 12:34:57

You are my #1 go-to news site. Our MSM has failed us. Thank you for always uncovering & reporting the truth. God bless...


2020-11-23 12:44:10

Fight the good fight!

Peggy Lockhart

2020-11-23 13:25:20

Jim, I pray all day every day Trump's legal team is successful in their efforts to overturn this election. Thank you for what you are doing to expose the fraud! As a patriot in Louisiana, I feel helpless so I appreciate your efforts! Peggy Lockhart


2020-11-23 13:42:30

Thank you!!! Keep fighting for freedom! Brian Stinson CLARKSVILLE mi

Julian Guerrero

2020-11-23 13:44:05

Trump 2Q2Q!

Thomas Wigand

2020-11-23 14:04:51

"So, You Want to Steal My America? MOLON LABE!"

Paul K.

2020-11-23 14:10:06

Continue the good work the country needs


2020-11-23 14:18:36

God bless you all!

Paul Dowling

2020-11-23 14:35:50

For liberty!

Peter Rabbit

2020-11-23 14:46:01

Thank you. Now go Kick !!

Anela Jett

2020-11-23 14:47:36

So appreciative of the work you are doing on behalf of this country. Stay the course. Thank you!


2020-11-23 14:47:43

Go get them!


2020-11-23 14:56:26

good luck and prayers to all!!!

Theresa A Dickerson

2020-11-23 15:00:19

Fellow Patriots, you have answered the call and I am forever grateful. God Bless your mission.


2020-11-23 15:01:07

Thank you so much for What you are doing to help this country!!


2020-11-23 15:01:58

We the people deserve an honest election. We will not stand down.


2020-11-23 15:03:38

Keep up the GREAT work!!! MAGA!!!


2020-11-23 15:08:29

God speed!

JW Kelly

2020-11-23 15:25:14

I believe in your work. God Bless.


2020-11-23 15:29:19

Please keep up the good fight.


2020-11-23 15:33:06

DEFUND THE THOUGHT POLICE! Don’t buy into their BS Feel free to steal my slogan. I hope it goes viral

Free Lev

2020-11-23 15:41:02

Greatest President Ever! Thank you GP!


2020-11-23 15:47:14

Good luck to all helping Trump


2020-11-23 15:48:36

Go patriots!!


2020-11-23 15:52:59

go get’m!!!!!!


2020-11-23 15:54:46

God Speed!

Dale Penne

2020-11-23 15:54:58

Let truth and righteousness prevail


2020-11-23 15:58:15

Keep up the good work Jim and team. I really enjoy TGP website. Y'all are breaking more news than anyone else I've seen.

Scott H.

2020-11-23 16:05:50

You are now my Go To site. Keep up yhe Fantastic support..

john & cindy

2020-11-23 16:06:21

God is a mighty fortress


2020-11-23 16:11:14

God save the Republic!


2020-11-23 16:15:18

Let's make this right!

Kelley Wallace

2020-11-23 16:18:35

Gos Bless and God Speed. I wish my donation was larger yet I’m unemployed (not receiving UE) and in addition to tithing I also give a bit to President Trump’s legal team. Thank you!


2020-11-23 16:21:23

God Bless you for all your doing and exposing. A Grateful Nation Thanks You. God Bless The United States of America.


2020-11-23 16:24:28

Good Luck and God Speed!

Rosemarie I.

2020-11-23 16:28:29

Thx for investigating, we need honest elections.


2020-11-23 16:33:02

GOD bless you.


2020-11-23 16:34:24

Please, stop the fraud


2020-11-23 16:40:42

Thank you.

Thanks Warriors! Don’t stop!

2020-11-23 16:57:52

We are looking at the death of our nation if we ignore voters voices and accept a corrupt and fraudulent election. I’m so grateful to all people who are stronger in heart than me and have quickly gone in to action mode. It’s tough for me to absorb the level of corruption and the number of fellow citizens that are ok with it. I’m going to keep praying and try not to lose heart. Thanks Warriors!


2020-11-23 16:58:12

Thank you!


2020-11-23 17:10:00

Stop the steal and the coup!

Debra Blodgett

2020-11-23 17:20:20

We cannot let the left win this election. Free and Fair elections is what our constitution has provided for this country. God Bless American and God Bless President Trump. #coup d'état No 3

Fernando Espineira

2020-11-23 17:24:41

God bless America!

James murphy

2020-11-23 17:25:29


Keep America Great

2020-11-23 17:26:48

Patriots everywhere. Call your senate and legislation officials and tell them every legal vote matters.


2020-11-23 17:30:03

Keep on doing the right thing! 🙏🏻🇺🇸👍🏻


2020-11-23 18:03:12

Keep up the good work. Bring on the sunlight.

V. Matsumonji

2020-11-23 18:07:33

STOP THE STEAL!!!! It's Good vs Evil and we can't let the Dems, RINOs, MSM & Big Tech get away with these crimes!!!


2020-11-23 18:11:16

Thank you for fighting evil


2020-11-23 18:15:15

Your grit is so appreciated. Trump 2020

Sherry Pennington

2020-11-23 18:31:51

I appreciate all that you do and you are in my prayers for success in ridding our country of political corruption by the Left!!!

Huuuge Trump fan

2020-11-23 18:35:40

What is the Left so afraid of being exposed?


2020-11-23 18:37:05

God Bless You and your efforts to "Take Back America"!


2020-11-23 18:39:49

Hope it’s good!


2020-11-23 18:45:18

Keep up the good work.


2020-11-23 18:46:19

Trump supporter


2020-11-23 18:48:08



2020-11-23 18:48:49

Thank God for Jim Hoft! God raises up Men like him to help us all fight for our Freedoms! Will pray for the Hoft, Trump, and Powell!


2020-11-23 18:51:00

Thank you for the good work Mr. Hoft and to Give Send Go for helping.


2020-11-23 18:51:33

We, Christians - Conservatives - Patriots MUST put our money to work to save this Country!

Andy Anderson

2020-11-23 18:58:22

Thank you Patriots!


2020-11-23 18:58:26

Thank you, GP, for your hard work....patriots of all ages need your reporting.


2020-11-23 18:58:44



2020-11-23 19:00:04

Praying for you.


2020-11-23 19:03:27



2020-11-23 19:09:39

May God bless you in your righteous work!


2020-11-23 19:14:01

Thanks for everything you do Jim and Joe Hoft. You are amazing patriots. I'm encouraging all my friends and family to check out your website!


2020-11-23 19:16:23

Keep up the hard work!

Patricia McNulty

2020-11-23 19:25:09

go get 'em!!

Carol Stickley

2020-11-23 19:25:22

Keep up the good work.

Bob Rennie

2020-11-23 19:26:37

Without fair and free elections, America is over!

Catherine Adams

2020-11-23 19:46:16

God Bless America!


2020-11-23 19:48:26

God bless America


2020-11-23 19:59:19

Please send the criminals to prison!


2020-11-23 20:04:52

Keep up the good work, Jim and Joe. Proud that you're from my town.

Tim G

2020-11-23 20:05:55

Keep Up The Fight - Let the Truth Prevail!!!!

Dale L Gentry

2020-11-23 20:07:00

Thank you , Gateway Pundit, for everything you do for America, Land of the Free! Wish I could give more, but every bit helps!


2020-11-23 20:07:44

Thank you for keeping the faith and fight!! We all have a role in fighting for our President Trump and for our country against these domestic and foreign marxists. God is on our side and we have been stronger together. "Let's Roll!!!"


2020-11-23 20:26:01

"For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light and find out what pleases the Lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the evil do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible - and everything that is illuminated becomes a light." Ephesians 5:8-13

Betty J

2020-11-23 20:29:31

I wish you continued success for your work on the election steal. There has to be a way to catch and hold accountable those who perpetrated this fraud.


2020-11-23 20:54:38

May GOD bless these efforts to be extremely productive in gathering evidence.


2020-11-23 21:26:18

Hopefully times will improve and I can give more. Thank you Jim & TGP for doing America's work. The press and DOJ are MIA and it is up to patriots like you guys to Keep America free. Thank you!

AnnMarie Enzerillo

2020-11-23 21:45:11

I really enjoy reading your articles. You are the best! You always have the most current information. Thank you.

Dmitri M.

2020-11-23 21:50:18

Keep up the great work!

Kevan & Diana

2020-11-23 21:58:04

You have been my first and foremost source for several years now as you always seem to be "in the know" before other sources and consistently accurate! May this scripture be of encouragement... For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29: 11


2020-11-23 22:12:40

Stop The Steal!


2020-11-23 22:25:35

God Bless America!!


2020-11-23 22:34:03

God Bless America, The Constitution and the Republic for which it Stands

John & Jen Zimmerman

2020-11-23 22:38:06

Thank you for your tireless work on bringing the truth to the public!

Wayde Barnes

2020-11-24 00:53:49

Go get em.

Frank Gonzales Jr.

2020-11-24 00:56:40

Get um!!!


2020-11-24 01:21:44

May Truth and Justice prevail! God Bless America!!!


2020-11-24 01:40:32

God Bless the USA!

Mick M

2020-11-24 02:08:05

Investigate now or lose our country tomorrow.


2020-11-24 02:17:13

Thank you for all the great news you provide. Good luck with the video!


2020-11-24 02:45:21

please do not call . God bless you in what you're doing.


2020-11-24 02:58:58

Thank you for your courage, your competence, and your faithfulness.


2020-11-24 03:18:05

Great work.

Alaska Patriot

2020-11-24 03:39:16

I think we are witnessing the greatest scandal in American History. As much as I admire Bannon, I think he's making a mistake re these black precincts where all these shenanigans occurred. Why isn't he pushing the narrative that the fraudsters have targeted Black neighborhoods for their crimes because they think they can get away with it there, i.e., show these black precincts also as victims.

William M Kornblum

2020-11-24 03:58:14

Go Get Em !!


2020-11-24 05:42:46

Keep exposing the truth of this fraud perpetrated on We the People. Be strong and courageous! God bless!


2020-11-24 08:49:35

Thank you for hard work


2020-11-24 11:48:09

Expose the evil - good will always prevail.

Tammy Sagastizado

2020-11-24 13:50:16

God bless America

Robert D. Taplin

2020-11-24 13:54:26

For the sake of fighting vote fraud!

Patriot in MI

2020-11-24 14:34:37

God bless you and may the truth prevail.


2020-11-24 20:16:09

Thanks for the brave work!

Patricia Smith

2020-11-24 20:48:58

Thank you for all you do at keeping us informed with the truth!!!


2020-11-24 20:53:31



2020-11-25 02:26:51

Please keep spreading the truth!


2020-11-25 05:00:38

God bless you. Keep up the good work.


2020-11-25 06:09:25

God bless you and your team Jim. Keep pushing.


2020-11-25 09:41:40

Win this!

Ron Bravo

2020-11-25 19:30:27

Thank you for your efforts. I hope this little bit helps. Praying to the LORD that truth will prevail in our nation.

Scott T. - Denver

2020-11-26 04:09:43

God bless you! Jesus is King!


2020-11-26 04:19:45

Thank you to all Gateway Pundit staff!!

D Bennion

2020-11-26 04:49:24

Thank you for your patriotic work.

Charlie Niziolek

2020-11-26 12:36:13

Please keep up the great work and bring to light all the Democrat corruption. 👍

Dan B

2020-11-26 16:26:20

I'm not from America, but fighting for free elections should be a collective international effort. Best of luck to you guys!


2020-11-26 17:35:39

God bless you all! Keep up the good work!


2020-11-26 18:56:24

Many of us have massive amounts of unused disk storage. You might consider distributing this data to multiple people so it's not all stored in one location to protect against nefarious actors. May God bless you all for the work you are doing!


2020-11-27 04:03:03

Well done.


2020-11-27 04:44:21

America is on the brink. We MUST win this!


2020-11-27 08:40:04

Very informative site. It is important to support sites like Gateway Pundit given the relentless attack from Silicon Valley on free speech. Silicon Valley monopolies are trying to implement the totalitarian Chinese social credit system in the US. Hosting companies, VISA, and Paypal are participating in this effort.


2020-11-27 10:56:13

The Truth is an unstoppable vessel of power.


2020-11-28 00:35:33

Thanks doesn't say enough but sincere thanks anyway.

A Patriot from Virginia

2020-11-29 15:10:39

Jim, fight the good fight! I really appreciate your forthright reporting. All that matters in the end is if you stood up for what is right when your time came. Jim, I can testify that you have done so. I hope to donate more in the coming weeks. This is all I have for this week. Godspeed!

Mike in Sagamore Hills OH

2020-11-29 15:16:39

Go get 'em !!!


2020-11-29 15:22:39

we have crossed the Rubicon. without honest elections, all is lost.

Rhonda H

2020-11-29 15:54:43

Thank you!


2020-11-29 16:46:24

You guys are great patriots!

Anne Lott

2020-11-29 17:11:20

God speed!


2020-11-29 17:20:03

Thank you


2020-11-29 18:30:11

Please do your best to uncover this evil election Fraud


2020-11-29 18:49:34

Thank you so much keep up the great work.


2020-11-29 19:13:28

We appreciate what you are doing at Gateway Pundit.


2020-11-29 19:28:57

You're a hero and we're praying for you!

Dennis E Holz

2020-11-29 20:22:33

The Gateway Pundit excels in its coverage and depth of information, best of so many on the internet.


2020-11-29 21:38:20

Thank you for your diligence and perseverance.


2020-11-30 03:08:34

The Gateway Pundit and Revolver seem the only news sites brave enough to challenge obvious and widespread Democratic fraud in the 2020 elections. Even Breitbart seems tepid. Your relentless reporting of American patriots has become the opposition and informs American patriots across the country. Keep the faith this cause is righteous and the Lord Can Save with few. Destiny is at hand.


2020-11-30 04:05:34

God bless you for leading the charge to shine a light on all this corruption. TRUTH - JUSTICE - LIBERTY. WE WILL NEVER LET THEM STEAL OUR COUNTRY!! God bless our United States of America-- WE WILL TAKE HER BACK!!


2020-11-30 11:34:21

Team: Thanks for all your hard work. You're inspiratioal.


2020-12-01 02:59:19

Keep it up Joe and Jim. This is my 2nd donation and I love what you are doing.


2020-12-01 03:07:15

Thank you for your efforts on America's behalf!


2020-12-01 07:20:08

thanks for doing this work.


2020-12-01 15:59:19

We’re approaching the wire. Let’s bring this home!

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We’re approaching the wire. Let’s bring this home!

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thanks for doing this work.

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Thank you for your efforts on America's behalf!

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1 days ago

Keep it up Joe and Jim. This is my 2nd donation and I love what you are doing.

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Anonymous Donor

2 days ago

Team: Thanks for all your hard work. You're inspiratioal.

$ 50


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Corey M

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2 days ago

God bless you for leading the charge to shine a light on all this corruption. TRUTH - JUSTICE - LIBERTY. WE WILL NEVER LET THEM STEAL OUR COUNTRY!! God bless our United States of America-- WE WILL TAKE HER BACK!!
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