Stop the steal caravan is a peaceful rally against voter fraud in the 2020 election. Time to put action behind words. We need to show THE PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT we are willing to fight for him just as he will fight for us. The White House has been surrounded by antifa thugs and now it's our turn to be within the presidents view hopefully to encourage him on OUR mission. The caravan begins in Austin, tx and goes along the coast to Florida and up to DC. We will meet in DC to show our support not only for our president but for the integrity of our elections in the future. I am driving a group and I personally am limited on funds so anything helps. We don't need much. A couple tanks of gas, help with hotel, and maybe a bite to eat. You can find more info at All are invited. The more the merrier. Again, we need to show our president we are willing to fight for him as he will fight for us!