The (BUGSCRUBBER) is the wiper blade designed to cut through bugs and debris on the windshield. This is accomplished by the use of a patentable cleaning system attachment.....which attaches to your standard windshield wiper blade. The innovation comes from the special sqeegee scrubber designed to cut through debris for a cleaner, particle-free windshield. The attached trailing blade removes remaining water and debris for a substantially cleaner windshield. I got the idea for this product while traveling on vacation  in the western part of the USA during the summer months after having to repeatedly stop at the local gas station to clean the windshield because of smeared bug splashing. The BUGSCRUBBER uses single-blade technology for excellent all-weather performance, scrubbing and wiping simultaneously, like no other wiper on the market.
The BUGSCRUBBER will make it much more convenient and time saving than stopping at a gas station to clean your windshield, especially if you have a larger vehicle like a motor home or commercial truck. I am seeking to raise fund in order to obtain a patent, the product has already went through the patent search stage.....presently going through the patent pending process with the same company that did the (George Foreman Grill)