Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEiCU) is a Washington state 501c3 comprised of election integrity investigators, data analytic specialists and grassroots volunteers. We are committed to the restoration of transparent, secure, and publicly verified elections. Our current election system is void of all three of those requirements that are needed for trusted elections. WEiCU has been consistent and unwavering, leading the effort of election integrity in WA State and has the track record that sets us aside from those who only talk about fixing our elections. WEiCU has sued 8 county auditors for public records and has 3 cases still pending. Our King County lawsuit is one of the few election integrity lawsuits that is still alive with a scheduled trial date of October 23, 2023.

For more information on our unrelenting pursuit to restore our WA State elections, visit us at weicu.org and please Join US!

THANK YOU for supporting our work!