**First and foremost, this will be the only platform and, specifically, the only fundraiser used to raise money. Any other platforms or fundraisers under my name will be false and is a scam.**

As our country knows, I have been labeled a domestic terrorist and I have been called a racist and a Nazi, amongst many other names, simply for exercising my First Amendment right. This couldn't be further from the truth. I was the driver of the black truck involved in the collision with the Biden Campaign staffer/volunteer in San Marcos, Texas. Unlike what the media has said, I was not trying to run the staffer or the campaign bus off the road or cause anyone harm. Initial contact was made by the Biden Campaign staffer as he was the one attempting to push me off the roadway so that he could maintain his position behind the bus.

As a Navy veteran, I have a strong passion for my nation, for its people, for my flag, and for my anthem. I will do whatever it takes to preserve what many of us hold dear and I am willing to go to the extremes within legal boundaries to ensure our freedom. Due to the unfortunate, but predictable liberal media, their false narrative about me has driven me out of my home and into hiding. I have received a multitude of death threats, along with many, upon many numerous phone calls and text messages asking for my imprisonment and for my life to be destroyed. Because of this, I am afraid for my family's and close friend's safety and will be jumping around, city to city, state to state, in order to ensure their safety as they have been threatened with harm as well, even though they were not involved with the incident. Any help with my living expenses and bills would help during this time since my job opportunities will be practically non-existent until my name is cleared and people know the truth. I set a small goal amount as I do not want to take advantage of anyone, but the amount will keep me afloat for approximately 6-9 months. I thank all of you American Patriots in advance who see through the lies that have been spread about me.