Rafael was fired for the "crime" of being a speaker at the #TeamSaveAmerica Free Speech rally against Big Tech censorhip in San Franciso Octover 17, 2020.

Deranged leftists called our peaceful protest a white supremacist hate group - which is not ture at all!

Now, he needs some help from the patriot community, to help him stay on his feet, and support his wife and kids.

We're going to start with a goal of $3500, to help with things like rent, bills, car payment, etc.. If we are able to raise more, it could go towards activism, and daily life in the Bay Area.

Any amount of support is appreciated - we all need to stick together in these crazy times, and stand up for America, for free speech, and for what is right! Together, we will win.

For monthly support, check out Patreon.com/juvierivald16