At 25 weeks pregnant, our baby Asher was born 11/07/2019. He was 13.5 ounces and will be in the NICU in Minneapolis until atleast his birthday. We were living in Grantsburg, WI (2hrs away). Katrina is unable to work at this time due to her lupus being very active.  Just for Asher being in the NICU it costs $25,000-$35,000 a day before any specialized treatment he may need. We realize that things are adding up very quickly. Katrina has been going to the hospital every other day, sometimes every day to see Asher and hold him. Brandon has been working as much as he can to provide for us between his full time job and the fire department. We were able to make ends meet until covid happened and Brandon got laid off. Since then the hospital had asked us to move closer as Asher will need 24 hour in home nursing care when he finally does get to come home and it was not available where we were living. Asher needs the nurses due to him having a trach and on a ventilator and he has a g tube and a j tube. He has pulmonary hypertension and chronic lung disease. We had to make the choice to move out of our home and rent a house closer to the hospital which took everything in our savings to be able to do. Brandon is still the only one able to work and has now been able to return to work but had to take a pay cut and lost the income from the fire department. With Asher's medical bills continuing to grow and the need for nursing care when he does come home, our regular monthly bills have gone up extremely. Anything you can do to help is appreciated