Raising Funds for Alans Legal Fees

Campaign Created by: Dixie Bailey

Goal: USD $50,000
Raised: USD $ 4,745
                On August 15th and August 22nd, 2020,
Alan Swinney not only defended himself from brutal attacks from far‐left terrorist groups in Portland, he put himself between them and peaceful patriotic folks who simply wanted to wave their flags in support of America. He was forced to protect himself and did so with non‐lethal force and is now facing an onslaught of criminal charges that could put this innocent man in prison for many years. Alan Swinney shares the values we have come to know and love from our patriotic citizens.  He believes in the constitution; he believes in capitalism and he believes that this country is for all of us. He also believes that as an American we must all be tough and stay diligent to look in the face of tyranny and resist totalitarianism. Alan Swinney stood up for all of us when he did not back down from the leftist mobs that were attacking him and other peaceful citizens. He stood his ground like a proud American. He stood strong for all of us, to send a message that real Americans will never let tyranny, or a totalitarian regime take over and destroy our beloved country.  
Alan Swinney is a HERO.
Alan Swinney is facing criminal chargesfor defending fellow patriotic citizens and himself because
he is a conservative, a pro‐American and a Trump supporter. Period. Now Alan must fight this battle in the court room.  Alan is working with a private criminal defense law firm and he needs your help to raise the funds for his defense. A win for Alan Swinney is a win for the American people who so desperately need to see a win for our side right now. Please consider making a monetary contribution to help us win this battle because the battle for Alan Swinney is a battle in the fight to save America.


Update #1
October 18, 2020
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Alan Swinney has now been incarcerated for almost 3 weeks in Multnomah County.  Alan has now been moved from the Justice Center to Inverness Jail where he is awaiting a release hearing Monday morning. We don't know how that will go, so we are asking for prayers. If he isnt subject to release he will be scheduled a bond reduction hearing within the week.
His current Bail is currently $527,500.  If you would please pray for Alan, Donate if your able & Share his givesendgo.
Alan is being held a politicle prisoner please help us get him out jail is NO place for a Veteran HERO like Alan.
Alan says "Before he was moved from th JC he was Assualted by another inmate, he had flashlights, constanly shining through the jail window at night."
Since he has been moved he has had a better experiance but it still is no place for a Patriot like Swinney.


  • Alan Swinney has a court hearing Monday morning. Please Pray that all goes well and he is released. Please pray comfort and grace knowing that the lord has his back. Please pray for everyone involved to be fair and complete justice for Alan and his fellow American brothers and sisters as they are undergoing trails of the corrupt leftist goverment.