Campaign Created by: United We Stand (Close Friend of John Mattingly)

Goal: USD $75,000
Raised: USD $ 28,679

Sgt. John Mattingly

Louisville Metro Police Department - LMPD. 
20 year veteran.
Exemplary officer injured in the line of duty. 

Unwarrantedly defamed, threatened, displaced from the community he has passionately and selflessly served.

It’s recovery time! 

Mission: To open the door of opportunity to the Louisville community, the state of Kentucky, and the nation to directly show support for Sgt. John Mattingly and his wife, Nicki.

Goal: To raise a prodigious amount of money to assist the Mattingly family in their road to recovery. Funds will assist in compensating for unexpected expenses that directly resulted from the mere consequence of having been involved in the case, such as the sustainment of his injury, he and his family’s forced relocation, job interruptions, etc., and to outright compensate them in general for their undue hardship. 

Objectives: We will network with those American citizens who still believe in law and order, and who support our heroes in blue to fundraise monetary donations. I call on the silent majority to make their voice heard by supporting this selfless servant! 

After completing his usual shift, Sgt. Mattingly volunteered to assist in the execution of the search warrant at Breonna Taylor‘s apartment. He planned to execute the warrant with his fellow officers, as is custom, and return home without incident to his family. But that night things did not go as planned, and life as he knew it would take a drastic unexpected turn. Upon execution of the warrant, Sgt. Mattingly immediately sustained a gunshot wound to his leg striking the femoral artery. Blessed to survive this life threatening injury, Sgt. Mattingly unexpectedly was blindsided with accusations of racism and murder for doing his job that he whole heartedly loves.

Misrepresented, Falsely Accused:
Sgt. John Mattingly and the officers present that night were said to have executed a no-knock warrant. While the warrant was authorized to be executed as such, it has been confirmed by the KY Attorney General’s investigation that the officers did knock and announce. 

They were accused of serving the warrant at the wrong location and that Breonna’s name was not on the warrant. Her name was on the warrant and the Officers were at the correct residence. This is public record and yet this lie was told and held as gospel.

They were accused of having shot her in her bed. She was in the hallway next to Walker who fired first upon police. 

The only thing worse than a tragedy is the exploitation of a tragedy before listing the facts. The Breonna Taylor case was sadly just that. 

Speaking with John Mattingly, John says he is devasted that Breonna lost her life and that her mother is going through such grief.

As Americans, as defenders of those who justly uphold and enforce the the law, we will unite and return the favor to he and his wife Nicki! We will help them rebuild! We will assist to restore! We will ensure his life is redeemed in appreciation for his service and in apology for his maltreatment.  

This is a call to all Americans! A call to stand up and support the ones who sacrificially give of themselves and their families that do the same!


Update #3
October 6, 2020
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Thank you team BACK THE BLUE!!! God bless each of you for your support, prayers, and words of encouragement to Officer Mattingly and his family! Your messages are shared directly from the prayers and he and his family are the DIRECT recipients of these funds! PLEASE SHARE this link with as many BLUE BACKERS as you can! The first week was amazing raising 1/3 of our goal!! We still have a long way to go!! If you have relatives and friends in other states that you can share with and encourage them to share that would be amazing for spreading the word and allowing others to contribute! 

God bless each and everyone of you! We appreciate you tremendously!!! 

Update #2
September 29, 2020
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It is with immense gratitude we say thank you to all who have joined us in support of Sgt. Mattingly and his family!! We will keep pressing on in mission untol
out goal is exceeded! Please pray for this process and continue to pray for the Mattingly's and all our officers and their families!!!!   

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God bless! 

Update #1
September 25, 2020
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Thank you to those marching on in support of this cause despite the unfair and unjust shut down by GoFundMe. Yesterday, after less than 5 hours and nearly $7,500 rasied, GoFundMe generically cited that UnitedWeStand violated terms of agreement; not the case. This was an attempt to halt and silence. We are clearly called to not be weary in well doing and if we faint not we will reap the harvest. Lord knows sometimes these are faintable conditions! 

God bless each of you for your time, support, donations, love and prayers! Every cent cleared through this crowdfunding cite beyond processing fees goes DIRECTLY to Sgt. Mattingly! Thanks to the honest work by GiveSendGo, this campaign has been verified and will not be shut down! We thank God for that and for them and pray it is to His glory! 

God bless you! God bless the BLUE. God bless the United States of America! 


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