Dominican Republic:

Imagine working with a group of ministers of who have had very little Biblical training. That is what Toby does every day, and that is why he is passionate about teaching, preaching, mentoring, and discipling. The people he works with are hungry to learn from the Word of God, but what they know has been clouded by tv/radio evangelists and churches that do not teach from the Bible. Toby guides people first through Acts and then 1 Corinthians, teaching them what the Bible says. As he walks them verse-by-verse through the Scripture, he points out not only what the text is saying and early church history, but all where different denominations beliefs come from. He welcomes discussions as his students learn the differences between things they have heard and believed and what the Bible actually says. Toby is currently working with 9 churches, but there are as many as 30 other churches inviting him to come teach at their Bible Institutes as well. Please pray for Toby that hearts, minds, and ears would open to what they are hearing and reading in the Bible.


The Merendon Mountain Mission continues to support and encourage the work being done in the Merendon Mountains about San Pedro Sula, Honduras.