Josephine Dayal Medical and Monthly Bills

Friends, family, and those who happen to stumble across this.

Right now we have the Red Sea in front of us, and the Egyptians are closing in!!

As you may or may not know Josephine suffered a major heart attack September 1, 2019. From that moment her health has been an ongoing battle for her.

Please take a moment to read our story. Please know that no donation is too small.

September 5, 2019 she went to the ER for what we thought was a case of the flu. In fact, it was far from the flu. After examination, the Cardiologist rushed her into surgery and determined she had 3 arteries that were 99% occluded. A heart pump had to be put in to keep her alive until a triple bypass could be performed on September 9th. The morning of surgery they found a lateral tear on the chamber wall. It was too risky to try and repair the tear so they proceeded with the bypass only.

September 13th, they attempted to repair the tear and failed and a need for an 2nd open heart surgery was performed. Things went from bad to worse for her. She was placed on life support for over a week and went into kidney failure. She was placed on 24/7 dialysis for 10 days.

After being in the hospital for 36 days and since coming home she has been battling with Congestive Heart Failure, kidney, liver problems and now has developed Gout in the knees and ankles. She has been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy and is unable to walk due to the feeling of her feet feeling like they are on fire with thousands of needles poking her feet. Doctor has said that not even surgery can fix this.

I was a very prideful man in the sense I was taught to work for my money, and I hate to ask for help. I am the sole provider have worked sporadically since September 2019, and now since March 2020 I have not been able to work at all because she needs my care 24/7.

See updates in the Updates Section

If you can not give, and we understand that, would you please add Josie to your prayer list? Also, pass this on to as many people as you can. There just may be someone out there that the Lord would speak to who can give!

BTW, if you don't trust this, I do have a Ministry Website that accepts donations . Contact me at if you want a snail mail address.


Update 8/30/2021
August 30, 2021
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Well our friends and Landlords are working with us. We have a roof over our heads for now. I finally had to beg for money on my websites, which I said I would not do. Have been online for 20 years and have never had to ask for money to keep the server paid. Well times change! 

Josie has her good days and bad days. The foot pain is almost unbearable at times. If the hole in her heart would heal, then her circulation would improve. Kidneys would start working better too.

Right now they are at 20%. Her kidney Dr says she is stage 4 kidney failure. She has been on strong fluid meds to keep the fluid off. If the kidneys shut down, then no choice but dialysis 2-3 times a week!!

Please pray for her.

Update 5/10/2021 Soon to be Homeless!
August 30, 2021
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Well Folks we just keep getting hammered by the enemy. I knew this was coming, and it finally has. As you will read below in our story, I have not worked since September 2019. Due to that, what little money comes in, some by ministry donations which is very little, and pretty much begging, all goes to keep the basic bills paid.

I have NOT paid any rent to the friends who own the house we are in. Well on Monday 5/3 I get a call that we need to sit down and talk about what we are going to do. I will do that later this week when I know what I can do, which is still nothing right now.

I will update when I know!!!

Update 12/28/2020
August 30, 2021
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Well, tomorrow is Josie's 68th birthday. The Lord has seen to it that she is having another one.

We had a scare back on Dec. 1. She was putting on a lot of fluid and her primary care said we needed to put her in the hospital, or get hospice! 

Hospital is out of the question right now, due to this covid crap, unless she can't breath. That and I know they won't let me stay to care for her and I refuse to leave her in the hands of incompentant nurses..., long story.

Her kidneys are failing so they had to give her a stronger medicine to get the fluid off of her. It is a balancing act. She has stabalized a bit and the fluid is coming off slowly.

We had a Holy Ghost prayer meeting here at the house the evening we got that bad news. Prayer is what is keeping her alive and the death angel at bay!!!

Update 10/24/20
August 30, 2021
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Josephine was admitted back in the hospital on 8/13. The tear in her heart has NOT healed. The Heart Surgeons and Cardiologists at Clear Lake can not fix it. She can NOT withstand another open heart surgery. We came back home on the 14th.

So, on September 2nd, I took her to HCA in Houston so the Heart Specialist can see if he could fix her. He is the same one who was called to Clear Lake in Sept. 2019 to try but that failed, so they opened her up again.

He could not determine with a standard ECG so they scheduled her for a TEE, transesophageal echocardiography.  That revealed it was the device itself that was leaking and he could not do anything. He referred her back to the Heart Surgeon.

We met with the Heart Surgeon on October 7th and the Cardiologist on October 23rd. Both agreed that she can't withstand a Heart Surgery, the only gave a 20-30% chance of survival, and if she made it through, they doubt she would recover. They said it's a miracle that she is still alive right now due to her condition!  It IS the LORD who is sustaining her, and we are believing for her total and complete HEALING!

I hate being helpless and need to ask others for donations, but I have NO CHOICE. We are FLAT BROKE!

I can't work due to need to stay close to her 24/7 watching her like a Hawk!!
Thank God she got her disability reinstated back in March so current Dr and meds are covered. However, we owe $75,000 in un-covered Dr's bills that we are being hounded for.

Also since the heart attack I have NOT been paying any rent. Our landlords are friends, who I actually have done work for over the last 21 years. We now owe them 12 months rent, plus money I had to borrow early on to stay afloat paying bills. As of November 1, I owe them $18,000!


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