On August 29, 2020, Mr. Arthur "Mac" Love IV first learned that he was relieved from his senior duties as the Deputy Director of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's Office of Community Initatives via a barrage of phone calls from local, state, national and international media.  His career of dedicated service came to an abrupt and public end because he exercised his individual freedom of speech by posting on his private social media account that folks should consider an another side to the nationally discussed story of Kenosha, Wisconsin's shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse of Illinois.  He suggested that perhaps Rittenhouse was defending himself in what appeared to be an unfortunate situation for all involved.

Since his firing from his state government post, Mr. Love has been followed, harrassed and bullied.  He has experience serious fear for his life, considering the circumstances he has been facing.  He has been incorrectly called a racist and homophobe in the media.  As of writing this caption, he called me personally upset about the fact that he cannot even walk his dog outside without news networks harrassing him for a comment and/or someone making a threat.

In many ways, Mac's life will never be the same for simply standing up for his God-given right of freedom of ideas, speech and expression.  

As a devout Christian, family man, and public servant for decades, Mr. Love used his postition in the Hogan administration to make meaningful impact in the lives of thousands across the State of Maryland.  From arranging large-scale food drives in Baltimore City's impoveraged westside, to helping guide and mentor young non-profits in the region, he dedicated seven days a week of his life to making the State of Maryland -- and the world -- a better place.  

Now, it is time to help support Mr. Love through an emergency defense fund to help relocate, ensure physically protect and help to support him through this challenging time.