Hello everyone, my Son-in-Law Jordan Hammett (19) has been in and out of hospital for 5 weeks trying to figure out what has been going on with his neck. It was swollen on each side. They told him he had pharyngitis and gave him steroids and antibiotics. Said the swelling should go down. It didn't, so he went back and they said it could be tonsillitis. More steroids and antibiotics. Swelling should go down. It didn't! He went to another hospital early this week and they did a biopsy. Before they had results they told him it was stage 2 lymphoma. They did a biopsy of his bone marrow and this morning they have diagnosed him with stage 4 leukemia lymphoma in his bone marrow. He hasn't been able to work the past month and now he will be starting inpatient treatment. We all know that bills don't stop when things happen. His wife doesn't make enough money to handle it all on her own. We are just trying to raise money to help keep them a float. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. 
-Mark Prater.