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OKeefe Family Flood Relief

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Dave and Kimberly O'Keefe is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Created by:
Dave and Kimberly O'Keefe SANFORD, MI

$14,260 of $25,000

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Last night, without much warning, a dam failure resulted in Wixom Lake spilling into the Tittabawassee River causing flood and destruction in it's path.  I was forced to evacuate my family - and at the same time, checked in with my son Richie to know if he is able to pack his family and  leave for safety.  He had already packed a few things and evacuated for the night.  This video shows the result of that surge of water the follow morning (5/20/20).  Nearly everything was forced to be left behind.  Richie's family home is a total loss.  Car is lost.  Household belongs lost. 

With 2 small children and a third due within a couple weeks, this is a devastating circumstance to wake up to.  We're grateful Richie, Samantha, Peyton, Evelyn, and baby are safe, but there will be many difficult challenges ahead for them.

It is not something we ever imagined needing to do, but are facing this new reality knowing we cannot do it alone.  We would be forever grateful to any assistance that could be shared to this young family during this especially challenging time.

We have a crib, a highchair and a carseat for the new baby coming.  The bigger problem is that we do not have enough room for very much.  We are able to accommodate them at our home for a temporary measure but our first priority is to get them into a new home.  

We appreciate any help whether monetary or otherwise.  The girls may be in need of clothes Peyton 7/8 and Evelyn is in 24 months.  They are also down to 1 car which is a struggle in itself.  We would love to be able to help them onto their feet without asking for help but we cannot do this ourselves unfortunately.  We truly appreciate every little donation.


2020-05-20 19:47:02

Glad you and the family are safe! Let me know whatever I can do to help!

Jill Weisswasser

2020-05-20 19:50:21

Prayers to your family!!


2020-05-20 21:18:52

Praying all goes good.

Eric & Trina L.

2020-05-20 21:48:42

Thankful that everyone is safe! Sending love & prayers! ?


2020-05-20 22:35:31

May God bless you and give you strength. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

Janelle (Crosby) & Jason Napolitano

2020-05-20 22:37:05

Sending prayers your way!

Theresa Okeefe

2020-05-20 22:44:31

Praying for you and your family.

Ashley & Jon Russell

2020-05-20 23:39:50

Praying for you all!

Jenny (Gravis) & Eric DeLong

2020-05-21 00:11:06

Prayers from Texas for all of our extended family ❤️

Michele Stys

2020-05-21 01:26:14

Prayers for your family ??

Jennifer Lacasse

2020-05-21 03:02:34

God bless you all during this devastating time! Praying for a safe, healthy transition and recovery for your fami oh y and your community! Jen and Paul Lacasse

Denise & Mark O’Keefe

2020-05-21 11:41:10

Sending you our love and prayers.

Jeff & Erin O'Keefe

2020-05-21 13:10:35

Stay positive! Everything will work out!

Tarah and Matt Friedrich

2020-05-21 13:16:53

Lots of prayers coming your way!


2020-05-21 14:13:23

The whole Okeefe family are good people! They helped my family out when we were in need and we appreciated so much! My Prayers for your continued safety and hoping your recovery from this disaster will be swift and complete!???

Barb & Jay Anderson

2020-05-21 19:00:04

Richie and family, you are all in our thoughts and prayers. So glad you all are safe♥️??


2020-05-21 21:20:11

Praying for your family!

Nicole Beeck

2020-05-21 21:50:39

Harper and I love all of you!

Kim English

2020-05-22 02:21:21

I am sorry for your devastation. I am grateful to hear you are safe. Blessings for your new baby. Prayers have been sent. ❤️

Aunt Linda and Uncle Leo

2020-05-22 13:05:57

Prayers to you!

Kristina H

2020-05-22 13:59:08

Prayers for you and your family.

Joe & Jen Rubenacker

2020-05-22 14:17:26

We will be praying for Richie, Samantha, and his family.

Tim and Katy

2020-05-22 15:00:01

So many prayers!


2020-05-22 15:52:20

I hope you and your family are well. Best wishes and hope the recovery goes smooth for you guys.


2020-05-22 18:00:29

Cant imagine! Peace be with you a great family


2020-05-22 20:32:34

Prayers to all of you!

Mark & Rachel Behr

2020-05-23 13:38:41

Praying for you and your family and all affected by the flooding.

Ronda and Joe Pellerito

2020-05-23 14:04:26

Sending prayers ?

Dave & Kathy Call

2020-05-23 15:23:04

Our prayers are with you and your family in this very trying time! I hope this small gift will help you and your family on the road to recovery! Thanks Mike Maxwell for the share!


2020-05-24 01:47:47


Mary Molin

2020-05-24 02:40:54

I am praying for you guys! Do not lose hope!


2020-05-24 19:12:32

We are praying for a speedy recovery And rebuilding for your family and especially for a healthy and joyful delivery of your baby.

Pat & Amy Conlee

2020-05-25 01:58:35

Thinking of you! ??❤️ Prayers and love!

Joe & Jen Kivi

2020-05-26 02:59:40

We’re so sorry for all you’ve endured.


2020-05-26 20:02:11

God Bless

Anne Trudell

2020-05-26 20:04:45

I use to take my dog Paisley to Sanford animal Clinic and she was super nice and cool wish I could give more if I had it I would god bless your family

Lisa Piepsney

2020-05-26 21:58:25

Thoughts and prayers for continued strength, basic necessities, your children, everything for your family to deal with something unfathomable.


2020-05-26 23:21:19

Sending prayers and peace to your lovely family... So very sorry for all you are going through...


2020-05-26 23:37:14

I pray you find some happiness and peace during this difficult time and joyful (new baby) time.

Koniecny Family

2020-05-26 23:54:29

We pray blessings over your family.


2020-05-26 23:55:04

Lived in Midland during the flood of 1986...before your time but still memorable. Best of luck to you and your family!

Michelle antal

2020-05-26 23:56:48

God Bless your family.

Julie Connelly

2020-05-27 00:40:32

Praying for your family.

Ginny Noble

2020-05-27 00:44:15

God bless. Welcome to Sydney .


2020-05-27 00:58:52

This to shall pass.


2020-05-27 02:36:29

Keeping your family in our hearts and prayers!


2020-05-27 03:51:17

On behalf of your angel Mary who would do whatever she could to help if she were still here


2020-05-27 03:58:45

For Sam. Love from the woods.

Barbe Meier Mariotti

2020-05-27 04:53:55

Praying for you all.

Cassandra Foley

2020-05-27 12:51:57

I'm so glad you and your family are safe, Sam! I will keep a lookout for your kitty. Mrs. F.

Bill & Sharon Will

2020-05-27 13:20:00

God bless you - Love and prayers for your family.

Karen Miles-Johnston

2020-05-27 13:25:41

My wishes for your family are health and happiness.

Chad & Jodi Tucker

2020-05-27 14:58:11

Prayers for your family and new addition!!

Kathleen Sullivan

2020-05-27 15:18:32

It's really heavy having to start over from nothing and even worse when you were already so close to having things how you wanted. I'm so sorry! I hope that the future y'all build today forward is somehow even better, and that you can one day look back on this like a challenge you overcame together.

Jennifer Carl

2020-05-27 15:29:33

Praying for your family.

Chelsea & Steve Laurencelle

2020-05-27 17:02:49

Praying for your family during this devastating time


2020-05-27 17:32:54

Prayers and best wishes for you and your family.


2020-05-27 18:11:56

Focus on Sydney's first birthday, when you will be in your new home, together, and blessing God's providence.


2020-05-27 20:43:26

I hope this helps with your recovery

Audre Steck

2020-05-27 22:08:03

Hope that new baby and all of you soon have a good home again!

Tom and Kim Rodgers

2020-05-27 22:17:01

God bless you and your family. Take care of that new baby! Praying for a safe delivery for momma and baby ❤️

Steve Soko

2020-05-27 23:38:20

Keeping your family in our prayers

Rebecca Gajeski

2020-05-28 00:43:42

Continued prayers for your family! God will get your through this!

Joe and Sandy

2020-05-28 00:49:28


Lisa Grant Brown

2020-05-28 01:06:30

Sending good thoughts to my 3rd and 4th cousins!


2020-05-28 10:28:20

Prayers for you


2020-05-28 13:34:58

Blessings to you and your beautiful family

Michael mahoney

2020-05-28 16:15:23

God Bless


2020-05-29 00:46:45

Praying for Gods peace , love,and continued provision during this time!☝️??

Dottie Norris

2020-05-29 08:36:38

Sam, you touched our lives with all of the care you gave Pudgey at the Animal Clinic. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

George Kovacs

2020-05-29 13:22:16

Stay safe out there and congrats on your new addition to the family!

Judy R

2020-05-29 13:26:17

Your in our prayers! God bless you during these difficult times.


2020-05-29 17:30:04

We send you a lot of positive thoughts!

Jeff and Michelle Hunter

2020-05-30 15:21:13

Thoughts and prayers to you and your sweet family. ?

Chloe Levy

2020-05-30 17:19:11

Will be praying for you guys.

Mallory Cummings

2020-06-01 00:18:13

I hope you and your family are doing better!

Kelly Collins

2020-06-01 14:04:08

I’m so sorry this has happened to your family.

holly k powell

2020-06-01 14:36:00

Sending prayers your way!

Bree and Bill Van Erp

2020-06-01 15:50:30

Prayers for your family. I know many of your cousins and they are all great people.


2020-06-02 12:50:04

May God bless you and your family!


2020-06-03 16:42:42

Praying for your family!

Nicole’s Nifty Nail Bar

2020-06-05 22:56:41

Every purchase my ladies made from my Color Street inventory or online, I donated $3 a set! The total was $69 but I rounded it up to $100!

Bruce and Lisa Cranfill

2020-06-09 02:11:17

Love and prayers to you and your family


2020-06-12 20:18:49

Sending prayers from Virginia.

Todd and Kelly Blake

2020-07-10 01:13:40

My parents are on Wixom Lake and they were spared from this disaster. Just trying to help where we can.

Lora Erich

2020-07-29 17:50:39

God Bless you and your Family

Update #3
July 11, 2020, 2:14 pm
facebook twitter

We feel so blessed with all of the generous donations for our family.  It is time to look forward to the future!  Samantha received a job offer at Eastman Animal Clinic.  Richie will be working with a merchandising company.  Finding childcare will be a step to take at some point soon.  A wonderful friend of Samantha's had an aunt that donated a full size van which will work great for a temporary measure. Someday they may be able to get a minivan to accomodate the whole family comfortably.  They also received a generous donation of a couch and tables from a kind gentleman from Ann Arbor.  

I uploaded some beautiful family photos from a session donated by Samantha's friend Katie,  Photography by Missie did a beautiful job for our family.  We highly recommend her business!!

Sydney is the happiest little baby.  She is growing fast!  Evie is enjoying her summer with as much outdoor time as she can get.  She loves swimming, playing with dogs and going to the beach.  Peyton has stayed very busy as well with riding her new bike that she won from Meridian Elementary.  She tries to get as much outdoor time as well!  It is nice to know that the girls won't feel the harsh effects of this flood tragedy. 
Again, thank you so much for your help.  Each and every donation is recognized and appreciated!
-Kim O'Keefe

Update #2
May 31, 2020, 1:58 pm
facebook twitter

I have been wanting to fit in an update but we have been so incredibly busy!  We have been busy in the best ways though which we are so thankful for. 

Baby Sydney was born May 28 at 12:45.  She is beautiful and perfect...we could not ask for more.  Samantha did an amazing job with the birth and is healing quickly.  They were ready to come home the same day as the hospital cafeteria was closed and no visitors were allowed in due to COVID-19.  It made things a bit more difficult as if they were not already stressed.  What a time to have a baby!!!!  Who knew??

As Samantha was in labor that morning, Dave received a phone call from a friend telling him they had a rental home available for the family if they were interested.  It was a very awkward time to ask them because Sam was in labor but we sent a text Richie and Sam to see if they were interested in staying in this home instead of our home temporarily.  We received a text that said "Sam is dilated to a 6" and "yes we would love to stay at the home".  Texts I will never forget.  Dave and I started packing up the car with items that would help them get started in the home and headed over.  My niece Amanda worked so hard to clean the home to get ready for our family to move in right away.  We were so grateful for this because time was precious.  The kids were released from the hospital the next day.  They were so pleased to have a place they could call their own.  We are so grateful for our friends and family that could make all of this happen.  They were able to get a new mattress for themselves.  It's delivery was rerouted from our home to the new home.  It was all very exciting for them to have a place of their own to keep it.  The girls have cribs and bed and dressers for their rooms and Aunt Sue donated a kitchen table.  

The previous home in Sanford was demolished.  It was a very emotional moment knowing their keepsakes were still there.  Most material items can be replaced but the little things will be gone.  Samantha hurts at the loss of Evie's footprints from the hospital and her first outfit she wore home.  Those are the things that hurt the most.  Healing will happen day by day.  New memorabilia will be created as the girls grow.  They will grow stronger together as a family.  

We are in the process of looking for a minivan to replace the car that was literally tossed in a dumpster.  Sam will be job searching as a veterinary technician after some maternity time home with the new baby so they will be in need of a second car at that time.  

We could not be more grateful for your donations.  The plan is to look into purchasing a home as soon as they are able to.  This time of unemployment will delay the process but they will get back on track soon.  Thank you from us all Please look at the updated pictures of the new baby girl 

Update #1
May 22, 2020, 12:32 am
facebook twitter

Richie and Sam visited their lost home this morning.  They were able to get into the house to only find everything covered in mud and muck with a strong sewage odor.  There is nothing salvagable.  It obviously has brought them to tears.  They just purchased a bassinett, double stroller and beautiful matching clothes for the girls.  They were able to walk away with their engraved wedding champagne flutes and that is all.  The girls are lost without their favorite blankets and toys.  They just want to sleep in their own beds.  They were expecting delivery of a couple of last minute things for the new baby.  Now they don't know how it will be delivered since there is not house there anymore...there is nothing!  

We have received so many wonderful monetary donations for them. We are so very thankful to each and everyone that donated or considered doing so.  We were able to get a little planning done today.  We will need to just prepare then wait for the new baby girl to make her arrival.  They have a roof over their head whether it is at our home or Sam's mother's home.  We will start doing some house hunting soon.  Until then we will just get a lot of family time with our littles and snuggle time with a new baby soon.

Again, I thank everyone for the generous donations!  They kids are overwhelmed and in tears over the generosity from everyone.  It will take time but they will soon get to start new again.

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Campaign Created by:
Dave and Kimberly O'Keefe SANFORD, MI

$14,260 of $25,000

57.04% Complete
0% Complete
57 % Complete 165 donation(s)
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Lora Erich

60 days ago

God Bless you and your Family

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Todd and Kelly Blake

80 days ago

My parents are on Wixom Lake and they were spared from this disaster. Just trying to help where we can.

$ 40

Anonymous Donor

97 days ago

$ 100

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$ 50

joellen bartels

101 days ago

$ 40

Anonymous Donor

107 days ago

Sending prayers from Virginia.

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Bruce and Lisa Cranfill

111 days ago

Love and prayers to you and your family

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Julie York

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Al & Kathie Napolitano

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Colorado Prayers

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